I MUST thank and dedicate this to Mr. Fabian Indalecio for posing the question “are you voting FOR the People or Ur Uncle” — wa ha ha ha!  I learned during my research in Mexico on the “origins of phenomena in the Marianas” that families play a big role in their politics just like families play a big role in the CNMI. Strangely enough and too often just like in Mexico it seems the WRONG family gains control of our government.  There is just entirely toooooo much “family voting for Republicans instead of voting for the BEST candidate.”  Family voting has contributed to the CNMI only being dominated by Republican families that has served to take us “NO-where quick, fast and in-a-hurry!!! So I must ask readers, “are you voting because he is your uncle (your family member) or because he is the best person for the People to do the job”?

If you are voting solely for your family then you need to know that YOU are part of the problem. It is OK to love someone and still vote against them if you are being HONEST about their “qualifications & trust factor.” I’m sure there are people who KNOW they voted just because of family with no thought about the bad consequences for ALL of us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats. If someone tells you to vote for someone solely because they are your family and not because the candidate can be “trusted and has a plan” then you are being misled with a half-truth of them being family but it is really a WHOLE LIE if they are not the best person FOR the People!!!!

But more than anything this group of Republicans need to be taught a real lesson as the People need to send a signal LOUD and CLEAR that WE the People will not tolerate a “corrupt & disrespectful Governor who was empowered by a Republican Legislature that WE can’t TRUST to do the right thing.”  The Direction of our Democracy is determined by the majority of voters, not our leaders and it stands to reason that the majority of voters in the CNMI should be “sick & tired” of the Direction WE have been literally FORCED to go. The White Elephant (Casino & Hotel) in Garapan is living PROOF that WE the People have been misled in the WRONG direction by Republicans for nearly two decades. To make it worse, they are STILL pushing gambling instead of transforming the CNMI into a “Family Oriented Destination” for Tourists.

I must remind voters that if you are not happy with our situation Economically, Socially or Politically, the TRUTH of the matter is “WE the People voted ourselves into this mess” —  it’s OUR fault for listening and believing the deflecting and gaslighting lies by these Republicans who clearly got us into the mess ALL-by-themselves! Republicans are to BLAME for our destitute position with no real viable plan to turn things around. Even the “Bubble Tourism” is not turning out to our advantage as WE are spending MORE to bring Tourists in than we are making money from the tourists — it’s a NEGATIVE return on our investment. WE could have done BETTER by giving Locals this money to travel in-between-islands but that is tooooo much like “helping the Local People” and the Governor wanted to gaslight the so-call “NEW Primary Tourist Market” of South Korea that is a half-truth but really a WHOLE LIE!

Kilili was right when inferred that WE the People need to take back our Government from these Republicans who are making the CNMI look pathetic when it comes to governing. The Democrats traditionally always have to “clean-up-after-Republicans” just like we see in Washington today, as Republicans have voted AGAINST all of the Stimulus efforts to help Americans but thanks to the Democrats, WE the People are getting help.  So PLEASE be MORE responsible in voting this time around and vote for our Democrats, not your uncle, to fix this mess our Republicans have made.  To be continued: One people One Direction.

The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.



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