MY sons, out of their own free will, enlisted in the U.S. Army to be a part of the fight for freedom that we enjoy today.

Somebody somehow has to continue to protect this freedom. It is a sacrifice of the whole being and family.  Seeing my sons on their own scheduled time go off-island to protect the U.S. Constitution to the best of their ability pierced my heart. But, again, freedom must be protected.

One of my sons left behind his loving wife and loving two sons. It was hard and painful for me to see his family left behind but freedom must be protected.

My other son did not have a wife nor children but left behind his parents and brothers to fight for freedom.

Tears were shed by all of us as they boarded the airplane but freedom must be protected.

Graduating from basic training affirmed their willingness to protect this freedom.  Seeing many soldiers on graduation day opened my heart to God above and I thanked Him for the gift of life which deserves the freedom to live.

Both of my sons served in Iraq. It was deadly but with prayers all over the world they bravely protected freedom. Through restless nights and days they remained strong and protected  freedom.

We thank God for bringing them home. However, memories of war  will never be erased from mind, body and soul. They served their country, the United States of America, to protect the Constitution and the freedom we  enjoy.

My veteran sons. Thank you God for choosing them to protect the freedom we  enjoy.

We salute all veterans and all those serving the United States armed forces. Thank you for all your hard work and service to protect our freedom.  God bless!


Kagman III, Saipan

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