IN a recent news article it was announced that Guam is offering Covid vaccination as a tourist attraction.

To quote: “The packages are going to include the different vaccines, the hotel with the seven-day quarantine, secure transportation from the airport to their quarantine hotel of choice, two PCR tests.... [The tourist] also will receive vaccination documents, including the secondary vaccination verification provided by Public Health."

In my opinion, Saipan has the capacity to offer the same Covid vaccination travel package as Guam. We have the Covid vaccine, we have the quarantine facilities at Kanoa and Mariana Resort. We have the Covid testing here and we have the Covid vaccination cards and associated documents available for issue.

According to the news article, the Guam governor made a direct request to President Biden for more Covid vaccine for use in the Guam Covid travel package. If Guam can make this request, Saipan can make this request as well.

As everyone knows, the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance could end around Sept. 6. In my opinion, it is important to get the tourism economy restarted before the PUA runs out.



Garapan, Saipan

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