WHAT we have witnessed in the last two years is unprecedented and incomprehensible. Covid-19 has now claimed over 750,000 lives in the United States alone but the pandemic is not over, and it's here to stay.

All these bad mouthing and name calling animosity among world leaders will just lead us into our own extinction. If you leaders think you’re super smart and your super bombs are more powerful than a mega-tidal wave  then bring it on.

I believe that things are going haywire because the climate is changing and fluctuating and the results are not only deadly and real but a real warning to world leaders.

This virus to me is like God, because the day my ailing wife was taken by Multnomah County health authorities here in Oregon I asked God this question: “Now what God? How do I get back my wife from government corruption and cover ups?”

And then the coronavirus showed up and it is still killing a lot of people. (Over 5 million around the world as I write this.)  I was thinking to myself: “Is this the reason my dad told me to become a U.S. journalist investigator?” Did my dad see something that I didn't see coming? My dad, a traditional healer, could talk to departed spirits, but could he also  see into the future?

I am happy and better off not seeing any dead spirits, but I’ve had  mysterious dreams about the future.

Multnomah County health authorities have called me and told me they wanted to have a meeting with me but I turned it down because I wanted to expose them.

Five years later and Multnomah County wants to kiss and make up with me? Are you kidding me? You  got caught trying to lie  five years after the fact.

Why did you target a fearless U.S. international journalist and his Chinese-American wife from Saipan? Do you think you’re above the law?

I will continue to write about victims of opioids and the profits earned by the corrupt! I will continue doing my job.

It's bad enough if your life is threatened by racists and bully organizations but I promised my dad that I will confront criminals,  scammers, abusers and killers. I will do my job fiercely.

So those who work for Multnomah County are now freaking out because I am a U.S-CNMI international journalist investigator.

They actually sent me their TRO court paperwork because they are  scared of the son of a magic healer  from Saipan, USA.

The coronavirus has exposed the decades of corruption and cover ups on the part of governments around the world. Nothing can be hidden from God’s almighty power.

It's called karma. If you think you’re going to outsmart a lowly canoe student of master navigator Mau Piailug, guess what? You picked the wrong victim to abuse because now you cannot hide from the truth.

We will never tolerate government corruption and cover ups. We want to heal people not abuse them for profits.

In conclusion, this fight will drag on as the coronavirus is still flaring up and breaking out in the Pacific-Asia region even as the CNMI is bracing for an unknown mystery.


Portland, Oregon

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