I KNEW that if the Governor’s attack dog (RH), whose name I don’t have to mention, would ever get irritated enough to attack me in the newspaper that he would indeed stick his foot in his mouth, as that is what happens to people who think they can “bully” people. Well, he finally stuck his head up trying to defend his wife as if he was performing a noble deed when in fact, he made a very BIG “boo-boo” (mistake) as we say in my culture.  He thought he was attacking me when in reality “he just got caught by the very game he was hunting” — me.

It was obvious to me the Governor had been holding back his attack dog and others from attacking me because he KNEW they wouldn’t have a chance in this public arena.  But with his wife being the center of accountability RH just couldn’t resist. It was actually entertaining and even hilarious to see him squirming trying to explain for his wife in a letter that was MORE about him and slandering me. Hopefully this will teach him the lesson that most already know — don’t frivolously attack this retired teacher unless you are armed with Nuclear-Weapons figuratively.

 1. The truth is I was never a “drug mule” but a person who was caught between two brothers in a scheme to ship drugs and being Black in Memphis, I didn’t stand a chance in a bigotry riddled Justice System. But Guam’s Department of Education and the CNMI’s saw through the entrapment by the police and gave me a chance. 2. Trying to use me to slander the highly respected Humanities Council just shows how low this you-know-what will go to attack people. The Humanities Council had absolutely NOTHING to do with my op-ed but thankfully the true reality is the CNMI now knows how disrespectful the Governor’s attack dog can be.  3. But most importantly, I want to thank RH for telling on his wife and the Governor when he admitted in his own worlds that “when the position at the Public Assistance Office became available, she took it.” So now WE the People have his inference that she didn’t have to go through any “equal opportunity hiring process” like us regular folks and this is something that most voters KNOW has been going on for over two decades.  But it is also all the more reason WHY the Governor and his Crew need to be FIRED to end this nepotism and favoritism hiring in Government.  Thank You, RH, for reminding voters that the hiring process was FIXED for your wife and really all Loyal Republicans. WE wouldn’t have the proof without RH.

Now both Hunters have been caught “dead wrong” by the very intended victim of his character assassination attempt that obviously failed. I’m not afraid and still here writing to him, about him and his wife and there is NOTHING he can do about it, especially when I am telling the TRUTH that must surely hurt. But this is what you deserve RH given all the bullying you have been doing over the years on Social-Media, so suck it up as you reap some of what you have sowed. I just pray this will help you to GROW and become a better person who will STOP the character assassination of people who can’t defend themselves like I can. But if you want to reply to this go right ahead because I’m loaded for hunting Dinosaurs & Aliens figuratively and waiting on your next attack.  One People One Direction.



Kagman, Saipan

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