I FIND it strange to see the Governor asking and even pleading for “FAIRNESS from the Senate” but I guess he thinks the Senators or at least the majority of Senators are stupid like the rest of us regular-folks-in-the-cheap-seats. If the Governor truly wants fairness, then he should KNOW that he will be found guilty especially when he hasn’t offered a single piece of evidence to the Legislature on his behalf that proves he is not guilty. He can’t be depending on his informal “Radio Deflecting & Gaslighting Shows” to clear his name because if he does then he really thinks WE the People and Legislature are ALL stupid. It is just absolutely amazing watching this Governor squirm and wiggle with his poli-tricks thinking he will escape JUSTICE with his deflecting and gaslighting the issues and charges he faces.

YOU are a  Governor with “two-faces” figuratively that alter depending on the circumstances. FYI Governor, Fairness IS Justice Governor and it seems that it is a lesson that you must learn the “HARD-WAY” like so many youths who think they can get-away with their mischief. Being FAIR in your defense would be putting on evidence to prove you are innocent but you chose not to play fair with your Executive Assistant refusing to testify and YOU even refused to testify and offer a defense. YOU chose not to be fair Governor and now you think by using the terminology of being “FAIR” is somehow going to save you. Yelling FAIRNESS when you should be shouting JUSTICE shows just how misguided your thinking is Governor which most voters can see, especially those who are not blinded and misled by your deflecting and gaslighting shows.

You Governor already have a reputation for “smiling in people’s face asking them to run as a Republican but firing them for not committing and being loyal to your politics” —  no respect for People’s choices.  You said you would explain and have nothing to hide in the beginning but in the end, you are trying to hide everything by not cooperating with the JGO. You say and even promise one thing in the beginning like the promise of PROSPERITY but the exact opposite of AUSTERITY was the end result!  As for the 80-Million meant to REBUILD our infrastructure,  you need to be FAIR and  and put it into the infrastructure of our Healthcare System, especially the Medical Referral Program so the CNMI can have a PERMANENT Footprint on Guam instead of being a “Renter-class” among fellow Chamorros & Carolinians on Guam.

You also attacked Rep. Tina Sablan for even being on the JGO and for her commitment to vote holding you accountable because she is running for Governor. But in the SAME breath you see it as being OK for your running mate in the Senate to vote for acquitting you, which is clearly being Unfair & TWO-FACED with a DOUBLE STANDARD that plays to YOUR benefit Governor. We are not stupid Governor. How can you Governor attack Rep. Tina Sablan but won’t ask your running mate Vinnie to “recuse himself” which would have been FAIR but you proved that you are unfair and care nothing about real Justice — for TRUE!  Governor, your lawyer should have told you “Don’t say anything because it will be used against you in the Court of Public Opinions” and this op-ed is just PROOF of that reality and there are literally THOUSANDS of Voters who will agree with me when they read this.

I’m sure most of us with common sense can see you are figuratively “falling off the cliff” and just grasping at anything to try and change the narrative and outcome of what is actually inevitable — YOUR Political Career is dead. It’s just a matter of time. Even if the Senate magically allow you to get away the Feds are still waiting-in-the-wings  and I’m sure you won’t escape their “accountability-trap.”

You and your Lt. Governor who enabled you to break our Laws by signing-off on your travel and keeping quiet for three years are BOTH facing the end of your political careers come November.


Kagman, Saipan

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