THE “handwriting is on the wall” as to the devastation caused by #45, which I even predicted in 2018, in my book “The Audacity to Change.” Many of the States’ Justice Systems in America have turned into the most injustice aspects of Governing in America since days of the “Black Codes and Segregation.” The idea of “united WE stand” has been literally thrown out the window with the defiance of toooo many Americans who refuse to even wear a mask. Republican controlled State Legislatures and Governors are contributing to the injustices and the great divide in our efforts to end the war with Covid. The Republicans in Texas have even thrown the “morality of humanity” into the trashcan with their Abortion Law that offers NO real PROTECTION nor RIGHTS for women and girl victims of rape and incest.   If a rape victim is forced to deliver a baby, they should sue Texas and the Supreme Court.

To make it worse #45 even “Weaponized” the Republicans as tools to create “injustices in voting” to simply make it harder for Blacks to vote. You can’t even give a person “water” if they are standing in line to vote which is absolutely ridiculous. Thanks to the many injustices of Mitch McConnell #45 was even able to weaponize our Supreme Court that has allowed the brutal attack and breach of “Roe v Wade” to go unchecked, which was a “desecrating act” by the Supreme Court. I am truly ashamed of Clarence Thomas’ autograph on my James Madison Fellow Diploma he signed for me.

But if you had read my book, you wouldn’t be surprised at all about all the injustices in America compounded with the rise of White Supremacy & Domestic Terrorism.  America didn’t see all these evil injustices on the horizon compounded by Domestic Terrorism until it was too late which was evident in how the many attacks by Domestic Terrorists and the attack on the Capital were virtually a total surprise. America is quickly becoming a nation of “injustices that is DIVIDED as we stand” and we owe it all to #45 for reviving a dying racist ideology even promoting individual rights OVER the rights of ALL. America hasn’t been this un-united socially and politically since the Civil War Era. Bipartisanship is now obsolete and We the People even have a Democrat, Joe Manchin, who is helping the divide with his “La la Land Diplomacy Ideology” thinking Republicans are somehow going to change — it’s lunacy, because if we don’t learn our lessons taught by history the mistakes are DOOMED to continue.

I not only predicted the recent pitfalls that America is now in as a result of #45, I also wrote about the two Black Wall Streets in my 2018 book “The Audacity to Change” and in my recent book “MaDear” which are on Amazon. Only now are the Black Wall-Streets being remembered and recognized for the injustices perpetrated by Whites.  I even predicted the “phony American Diplomacy” by #45 with Russia and how America could really deal with N. Korea by “HELPING the People directly through airlifts” that would allow for American Prosperity to just float into N. Korea using the Jet-stream.  We can do more to change N. Korea with chocolate candy & food than bombs.  America is virtually right back where we started with Russia, Iran, China & N. Korea making the last four years wasted foreign policy.

The injustices in America are fueled by the many #45 White Americans who have been led down the path of FEAR be it in “voting & political power, our social evolution that is making whites the minority, and even fear of a proven vaccine.” We the People are now on the precipice of “Injustice” and in the words of Dr. King, “We have some difficult days ahead” to become UNITED as we stand especially for the CNMI when it comes to getting rid of these corrupt Republicans!

The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI State Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides on the island of Saipan in the U.S. Commonwealth of the N. Mariana Islands.



Kagman, Saipan

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