WHILE I can’t directly connect the Governor with the “termination of two individuals who are NOW elected officials” it does speak volumes to the Political Trends under his administration. Congratulations to Corina Magofna for her well-earned and most deserving win as the People now have one more person whom they can TRUST! But she is the second person to be denied their contract renewal for what seems to be politics only to go on and run for public office and win as a Democrat. The ALLEGED horrors of Republicans seem very true “if you are not FOR and LOYAL to the Republicans your job is ALWAYS at risk” — so be smart Government Employees and let them think you are loyal but vote Democrat.

It must be hard for the people working under the Torres Administration if they want to support the Democrats given the “LOYALTY Standard” that is clearly in place that was even substantiated by our DPS Commissioner in a Congressional Hearing — WOW! It doesn’t get any clearer than that when our top Police Officer tells us that “LOYALTY” is a reason for being retained or terminated” which is a slap in OUR faces and to our Laws & Ethical Codes — it’s a real horror story!

I said Rep. Celina Babauta and the JGO were on top of their game and not playing, as they were not fooled or deterred by the Governor’s so call “power-play” to stop his Executive Assistant from testifying. But his refusal to cooperate is just MORE PROOF that he LIED when he said “I have nothing to hide.”  He is just another dangerous “Trumpian in a boyish & softspoken body” or to put it in slang “he’s a sheep in a wolf’s clothing.”  This man is extremely dangerous who presents a “clear and present danger” to our “Oversight & Accountability Standards of Expectations in Governing.” Every day that goes by with the JGO we get closer and closer to putting the final nail in his political coffin and he is fighting the People and our Representatives in our faces still expecting to get re-elected.  I told voters his absolute power has gotten to him and it seems he thinks he can say and do anything and WE the People will just go along without protest.

It is often said that “the wheels of our government and justice turn slow” and that is what WE the People are experiencing. After over two decades of Republican complete control with their corruption and the people-in-the-cheap-seats crying “foul and stop the corruption” we are finally reaching the culmination of our desires for years to end the corruption. Time is finally on OUR side voters and each day we get closer and closer to finding the Right Direction for real Change & Prosperity — Democrat Control of OUR Government!

A Shout-Out to my Brother & Our Justice System

I would indeed be remiss if I didn’t mention the promotion of Deputy AG Chester Hinds to the position of chief prosecutor of the criminal division. KUDOS to you my brother-from-another-mother, as we say in the Hood. I truly believe you will surely be a good and even great prosecutor who will be tenacious in the quest-for-truth and handing out justice while being humane when needed in your prosecutorial duties. I’m sure it’s obvious that Mr. Hinds represents a true desire for the “diversity in the CNMI to become more appreciated and accepted in leadership roles,” as Blacks often have to “over-perform just to be recognized.”  I just wish Mr. Hinds could be our next AG because he is exactly the treatment a Political Doctor would give for the CNMI when it comes to our Justice System, if there was such a thing. To be continued: One people One Direction. 

 The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.



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