The Covid-19 fatality rates in the Northern Mariana Islands, Texas, California, Florida and Illinois are below 2%! Yeah that's a fact!

Fast forward, Pfizer's vaccine is reported to have a 90% success in  trials while Moderna has a 95% success rate! Wow!

If 98% is the survival rate without vaccine, that beats both Pfizer and Moderna combined, doesn’t it?

The question is, would you take the vaccine? The numbers presented don't lie!

The effect of taking the vaccine is not known yet. So would you take the risk of the Covid-19 vaccine?

Even Pfizer and Moderna are not providing information regarding the side effects among those who have received the vaccine. Isn't that a high risk we are about to take?

It's a general concern in every human being. Now that the  vaccine is here, do you feel safe?

Good luck to those who plan to take the Covid vaccine. Me? Not yet!


Garapan, Saipan

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