Even so, our people move with one heart, we show respect to one another, and we are more resilient and patriotic than ever. It is truly the people that merit attention and not us who are vying for their respect, trust and support.

Buenas Taotao Marianas!

As a “hopeful” humble servant, serving the people carries great weight of highest honor. The appreciative gesture by the people can only be equaled to legislations benefitting the majority rather than minority. As consequence, our people justify a future of self-determination and governance where we manage our own affairs, dictate our own actions and write our own history. Thus, a sovereign nation befalls on us all.

The path towards self-sufficiency does not occur with one individual. Rather, all leaders in position of tribute are required to work in unison. Additionally, the focal admiration for attaining economic utopia should be founded upon sound fiscal management, responsibility accountability, and transparency. For this reason, we must avoid grasping at straws.

My professional experience affords me capable insights on budget and finance, a very useful tool in an economic backdrop. I will have an opportunity to gauge what plagues our economy, plan necessary changes and pass meaningful legislation that establishes realistic projections, avoid/prevent needless spending and control funding. Grant you, my field is not as thrilling and glamorous as others. But, it is the most rewarding of all.

Once we untangle the intricate interwoven layered thread of our economic fabric, and have commenced legislation that is most appropriate, my plan is to pass legislation exercising transparency. Doing so will achieve a more responsible and accountable government. It is a term I personally coined as “deterrent legislation,” and that is specifically geared towards safeguarding the people’s most valuable resources — their livelihood. I  am hopeful that I/we could lay the much needed groundwork for future generations.

In summary, we must be great stewards of our islands in order for our people to have a better tomorrow. We as leaders are led, and must also lead, by exemplary actions and examples. We are placed in a position were integrity is of utmost importance and duty for a greater CNMI should never falter or dissipate. Such leadership qualities command honorable adherence to the people.

And to all my soon to-be colleagues, partners, governmental agencies and across all party lines, I will extend a welcoming bi-partisanship “Hafa Adai,” “Tirow,” “Kamusta,” “Kon'nichiwa,” “Yeoboseyo” and “Nǐ hǎo” wave of solidarity.

Yours Truly and Respectfully,


#7 on the ballot

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