The time has come again for our registered voters to decide who will be the right political candidates to move our CNMI in the direction of positive economic growth and sustainability in these trying times.  Apparently, we are experiencing a  global pandemic (Covid-19) that is affecting the CNMI.  The challenges are real and it may take a while for our people's lives to return to normalcy.  Consequently, such undertaking will require the right people and  resources to be able to alleviate the negative  economic downturn that is primarily the cause of our people's plight.

One elected official that I have observed is the  Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Honorable Blas Jonathan “BJ” Tenorio Attao.  Since assuming the speakership, he has managed to be in control of the daily fiduciary duties and responsibilities of the House of Representatives and its other elected members.  He works harmoniously with his colleagues  and the Senate to pass important pieces of legislation that benefit the people of the CNMI.  What makes Speaker “BJ” Attao efficient and effective in the performance of his fiduciary duties and responsibilities is his positive attributes such as being  kind, smart, selfless,  assertive, honest, hard-working, thoughtful, trustworthy, to name a few. 

In closing, please note that voting in the CNMI will start on October 13, 2020 and end on November 3, 2020.  Please talk to your families and friends and let us support the #2 on the ballot, Attao, Blas Jonathan (“BJ”) Tenorio, Election Precinct #3.  Let us reelect Speaker “BJ” Attao so he could continue working for the betterment of Precinct #3 and the entire CNMI.  Thank You, Si Yu’us Ma’ase, Olomwaay and Salamat Po for your Support and Vote of Confidence.   VOTE, BOTA and BIBA Speaker “BJ” Attao/Republicans!



Navy Hill, Saipan

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