Throughout pandemic crises and other disasters, the Covid-19 took a hard hit on the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands diminishing our economy.  So we pushed on the Code Red for an Emergency Response and “Trump to the rescue” conveys to our aid supporting our people giving essential nutrients and applying strict orders to recede and avoid the contraction of the virus.

But somehow this pervasive virus increases as time flies.  People may not apparently see it, but their negligence puts the whole world in danger.  People who believe in religion would say that “time nears when the Savior would appear” so the world destructs to cleanse the way, behold the judgment day.  People who believe in science would say that it’s just another natural cause part of life’s misery, but the pressure on the danger it causes is from people’s negligence.

We are God’s children, ladies and gentlemen, and we are given the privilege to control evolution.  We could decrease and increase life’s disasters by the way we operate.  With devotion and demonstration, we could beat the odds and let our legacy prolong through our generation.  Let’s unite as one and emit our devotion to obliterate the Covid-19 and our demonstration to show how critical this crisis is, how easily it procures lives.  So we must veer to the safe side a hundred percent.  With unity, knowledge protrudes and overcomes the opposition.

Respectfully submitted,


Resident of Saipan

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