That is a dead issue.  No sense beating a dead horse, and creating animosity at the same time.  The Commonwealth cannot afford that attitude at this time.

It is time to begin a proactive interaction with the military.

There is a section in the technical agreement to the Covenant which provides for the creation of a Tinian civilian-military task force. This task force was envisioned as a mechanism to solve problems that might develop on Tinian's military lease lands.  Credit should be given to those who had the foresight.

The House legal counsel can provide a copy of this section of the technical agreement to the members.

The roads on Tinian's military leased lands, now 75 years old, are deteriorating.

Tinian's cattlemen need amendments to the lease back agreement, allowing them a longer lease to make capital improvements.

The historic sites on the military leased lands, a primary impetus for our tourism industry, are deteriorating.

These problems could be solved, if the governor would authorize the creation of this task force.  Although requested by previous mayors, Governors Fitial, Inos and Torres have refused to respond to these requests.

If members of the Legislature would like to help do something positive for civilian-military relations, then Tinian needs a joint resolution from the Legislature, to Governor Torres, recommending that the Tinian civilian-military task force be created, and conducted on Tinian.


Marpo Heights, Tinian

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