If their findings come back being against the Governor, that could spark overwhelming support to begin impeachment proceedings.  There is a problem with this scenario though prior to the November elections, as you would be placing back into the administration the Governor’s hidden advisor, confidant, and former Lt. Governor.  As they say, “be careful what you wish for as you might get it and then some.”  Trust me, we the people, do not want another misuse of authority in the likes of water for roosters and the callous disrespect for laws broken by immediate family members.

Whatever negative findings arising to impeachable offenses, I hope the House would wait until the new Legislature is installed in January, post-midterm elections.  Why, you might be wondering?  Current Senate rules dictate it will be Tinian’s turn at the Senate presidency and Saipan’s turn at the vice presidency.  Although not popular with retirees presently, at least Senate Vice President Jude Hofschneider did not dishonor us with scandals as I can recall during his ascension last time.  I believe such an option is a bit more palatable for our community.  This would mean a Tinian Lt. Governor could be installed and a Saipan Senate President takes over post ascension.  I do predict if such were to happen that, our present Senate President may make a move to suspend the Senate rules, leading to a display of self-interest on all parties vying for leadership positions.

Indulge me a bit further with a conspiracy theory that somehow just surfaced through the back of my mind.  What could be worse than the scenario presented above?  What could be worst yet, if history were to repeat itself and Governor Torres maybe formally charged locally for potential crimes identified.  Upon pleading guilty to these crimes, he maybe let off the hook by his replacements in the administration via a full pardon.  By doing such, he will stave off certain hefty federal charges due to the “double jeopardy” doctrine.

I am just sharing my thoughts as we do not want the lesser of two evils in this case and most importantly, we do not want to be taken for fools!



Rota Voter

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