With CNMI presenting itself as an Opportunity Zone, an economically distressed community, financial aid is available to improve our beloved islands.

I encourage our economic leaders and Gov. Ralph Torres: if you are not already reaching for this funding, seize the opportunity. The Northern Mariana Islands could follow Puerto Rico’s example which received $13 billion in financial aid to rebuild their power grid, three years after Hurricane Maria.

The money is there to fund the rebuilding of water and electrical systems built 76 years ago that are struggling to support the needs of the islands, after several recent years of disastrous typhoons. The upgrade would improve living conditions, contributing to a better economy for a stronger tourism industry and more jobs.

I am excited about this potential for the CNMI, and implore our leaders to act now. I hope our leaders, with help from the office of U.S. Congressman Gregorio Sablan, grab the funding to rebuild and ignite economic success.



CNMI landowner

Oakdale, CA

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