I wanted to bring to your attention that while racism isn’t that common in the NMI, it is still there.

Racism to me is as simple as judging someone based on their appearance or background. From my own experience, racism in the NMI is more often used in words than actions. This could be on social media or in school.  These instances of racism are mostly depicted as joking. You might also just see it when you’re out for a walk or shopping at a store. So I can say with certainty that racism does still exists in the NMI.

I am a student in the NMI and have learned to show respect to all people regardless of their background, culture, or ethnicity. However, I can’t say that I’m not racist. I believe that few or none can say that they have never been racist. We all hold prejudice against some people at one point in our life. It might just be an unconscious thought. We all have to work towards getting rid of our prejudices and to a better future where everyone is treated equally.



MHS student

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