The business hour is gradually back to normal and some restaurants are now open again.

Managaha  is now open as well and ready to accept visitors and tourists.

Many churches are now open to the public although with limited number of participants — about 25% of capacity. But I don’t oppose this limitation.

On May 31, my family and I went to Gualo Rai to attend a church service at the Upper Room Ministries Church.

Our pastor mentioned that many of the church members came to fellowship not only to pray but to  ask for assistance with their problems including health and financial issues.

After the church service, our pastor was confident that all those problems would be addressed and the church members would be blessed.

God will provide solutions to the people who come to church.

Our Father in heaven will heal those who are sick.

On May 30, I went to Tanapag church to express my condolence to the late Speaker Jose R. Lifoifoi and his family.

Speaker Lifoifoi was a prosperous man who helped many Filipinos in the construction business.

He assisted many Filipino construction workers who built houses in San Antonio village.

Last week, based on the records, the Covid-19 death toll in the U.S. had already reached 100,000.

Covid-19 deaths have also increased around the world.

Federal and state officials  continue to encourage people to wear face masks for their safety.

Our lawmakers should introduce a measure that would require everybody to wear a face mask and observe social distancing in public places.


Lower Navy Hill, Saipan

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