While researchers and scientists are still finding ways to cure cancer, heart disease and many other medical conditions, we as community members can help to maintain  people’s mental health through some simple, positive  tips as follows:

  1. Maintain social life with friends. For people dealing with life threatening medical conditions, now more than ever, your friends are really needed to help you through this process in this stage of your life. A simple coffee get together or hanging out in public places chatting away is a great way in maintaining regular routine in socializing with your personal circle of friends.
  2. Stay in contact. A simple text, call or email can go a long way in making them feel that they still matter in one's life. The fact that they know you are still in their thoughts, although might not seem like a big deal, it definitely means the world to them.
  3. Reach out to help. While they battle their life threatening Medical conditions head on, You can help lessen or ease the anxiety or stress by offering assistance such as driving them to their weekly medical appointments, doing some of their house chores and all other situations that they may need help with.
  4. Remember it’s the same person. Although facing an uphill battle with their medical conditions, they are still the same person before the diagnosis, don't change your perception about them. No pity parties. Converse with them as you normally would, don't change anything. They would automatically feel the different vibes coming from you. 

In  being mindful of and adhering to these four simple tips you are doing your part in maintaining  your family and friends’ mental health positively and possibly changing their perspective on life in general that they are not alone in battling their life threatening medical conditions and, most importantly, that they have people who care.


President, NMPASI Board

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