I will share one of my observance of racism in my community.

I live on a beautiful island named Saipan. Our community is not overpopulated, we have less than sixty thousand people, so I have never thought that I would see racism in this small island until I observed one last month. I found an aggressor who started a fight with an Asian woman whom I believe, was walking past by him. He had called her many racist names that relate to Covid-19. He said, “Go back to your Covid-19 country!” He also cursed at her saying that she’s worth it. This is not the first time I’ve observed racism. When I visited California in 2016, some people made sounds that mock Asian languages when I was walking past them. The intensity of agitation made our family ride cars instead of walking through the streets. I am not implying that every U.S. people are racist, but I am saying that racism does happen thoroughly over the world.

I believe that many people have learned to be anti-racist by reading your article. It also taught me how adversity and all the misfortune can hit you if you are racist. The article and my observations have taught me that racism occurs everywhere and it is a serious problem. I was shocked to know that there are a lot of racists who discriminate and throw hate on people of different skin colors. I believe that people who are able to accept different types of people and their distinctiveness are successful because they open their minds to a bigger world.



MHS student

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