Mr. Younis took over the old Saipan Star newspaper that was started by Peace Corps volunteers and founded a newspaper in the early days of Trust Territory that has become the leading newspaper in the CNMI covering Guam and all of Micronesia’s stories. The proof of his work is in the details of how one can find all the Variety papers being sold and gone if you don’t come early enough to an establishment.

Without a doubt Mr. Younis championed the newspaper business in his efforts to “educate and inform” our society on what is going on in the CNMI. It is people like Mr. Younis who “make-the-world-go-round” as he was truly a founding father of one of the CNMI’s social attributes, a newspaper, which no one can deny.

Starting a newspaper for SURE is a very noble task as Mr. Younis’ goal was more about doing something that will help FOR the People of the CNMI, and not getting rich. He was totally dedicated to reporting the news FOR the People and he was actually the biggest reader of his newspaper. He watched over the Variety like it was his child as I can remember having many conversations with him about topics that I wrote about back in the day. He actually coached me on writing and his expectations for my early letters to the editor and for that I will forever be humbled and thankful.

Being a father with daughters I can truly imagine how proud and happy Mr. Younis was to see his newspaper under the leadership of his awesome daughter Laila who has continues to do a great job of running the newspaper and to see Zaldy taking up his leadership role as the editor. I’m sure Mr. Younis was very pleased to know his newspaper was in great hands and that his legacy will continue as a family business.

My wife and I want to offer our sincere condolences to Mr. Younis’ entire family and to the staff of the Variety who have lost their founding father. We have all (the entire CNMI) lost a great Champion OF the news FOR the People and may he rest in peace knowing his newspaper is in good hands that will carry on with his dream of keeping and making sure the People are informed in an objective and fair & balance way.

Adios my friend and Champion and “I will catch you on the rebound,” as we say in my culture.


Activist & Contributor

to Marianas Variety

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