That we are as free from this pandemic as we are right now is a testament to true leadership.  Our Republican administration and Republican Legislature, lead the way early on to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus in our community.  From pre-emptively attempting to prevent incoming flights, setting up the Covid-19 Task Force, setting up protocols to prevent the spread, acquiring enough test kits for all of our residents, setting up quarantine facilities, and getting the medical equipment and setting up the medical facilities needed to address any possible scenarios, we are a model to the rest of the nation because our Republican administration and Legislature have demonstrated real and exceptional leadership, as it has through every recent natural disaster.

As was the case with the economic crisis of some years ago, and super-typhoon Soudelor, and super-typhoon Yutu, recovering from this crisis will require exceptional, tested, and proven leadership.  Bringing our economy back after this pandemic, will require exceptional, tested, and proven leadership.  There is only one team that can make claim to having this experience, and that is the Republican team.  We will need real leadership to get us all back on our feet and get our economy back to the historic growth it was on before we were affected by Yutu and Covid-19.  Only one team has shown it is up to the job, and that is the Republican team.

This election is too important to put in the hands of those who have created divisiveness and used our Legislature simply to politic.  We need real leaders, experienced leaders, who have demonstrated they can and will work together as a team for the benefit of our great Commonwealth. 

I humbly ask you to please vote Republican across the ballot.


Saipan, CNMI

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