Can we do the same for the coming 2,000 vials of Covid vaccine available within the next few days?

The efficacy of the vaccine will be more conclusive when more trials are in place. I am just suggesting, if those that created the vaccine will take the first shot in a public demonstration. How about the elite, authorities, politicians, heads of departments and their families together? Well, this is just an idea. The "lead by example" concept is an effective campaign that this community need. I'm not discounting the 90% and 95% accuracy of the vaccines created by Pfizer and Moderna, respectively, no! I'm with this too! In my observation, the trial has just begun!

Public trust and confidence are what this vaccine must take into consideration. I'll take the vaccine and even campaign in the community if I'm convinced that enough trials have been put in place with good results.

For sure, all eyes and ears are open to know the vaccine's effect in our community. We will continue to monitor the outcome in the next 6-12 months. Is the 95% effectiveness enough? The stake is very high because we have only one life. We need a healthy community!

Would you take the vaccine, now?

Me? I pass for now but ultimately, after enough pondering of its effectiveness, I will take the shot when its potency and adequacy are compelling and effective in killing the virus!

Thank you.


Garapan, Saipan

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