THE recent outburst by the Governor ALLEGING he has done nothing wrong was another deflecting and gaslighting show of his ALLEGED crimes blaming the JGO, which most of us KNOW was a bag of slop figuratively.  FYI Governor, WE the People don’t eat SLOP and nor does most of us believe a word you are saying as WE do have minds and can think for ourselves. Governor, you claim that for two years you have endured all these allegations and you are JUST NOW saying something — LOL!  I think it was YOU Governor who promised the People that YOU would freely explain EVERYTHING which makes you a LIE for not saying something over the past two years, duh!

You are now asking the JGO to send you a list of questions that everyone with common sense KNOWS you will get your lawyer to answer. Governor, you need to go the Legislature and DEMAND to testify if you haven’t done anything wrong — that’s what innocent people do. But you are not in a hurry to even cooperate with the JGO as YOUR lawyer was trying to block the testimony of your Executive Assistant. Governor, you haven’t made a single attempt to explain anything and now you are so bold as to insinuate that the Democrats are wrong for holding you accountable — not ashamed. 

As for no formal charges against you, I think you should have WAITED until the JGO was finished so be careful what you ask for and the claims you make.  In fact, there are many voters who already believe that our AG should have charged you a long time ago and as Governor you are supposed to avoid “the slightest implication of wrongdoing” yet you are now flaunting ALL your activities as being legal with no remorse like WE the People are stupid. If anything, this is going to “backfire” on you Governor as you are facing TWO legal criminal challenges — the JGO & Impeachment and the Feds & RICO. In fact, since you say we are falsely accusing you, I DARE YOU to state your case for innocence on just some of the things made public that clearly infer that YOU, Governor, have broken our Laws.

People are not making up stuff about you Governor. WE are just reading the “tea-leaves-of-facts” that are being exposed. If you don’t like the implications then “say something and more importantly do something” to PROVE your innocence. You claiming there has been no formal charges is just part of your deflecting and gaslighting act that has been going on for nearly SIX years under your leadership.  Did you not PROMISE the People “PROSPERITY,” did you not bribe Ambrosio to bribe Democrats, did WE the People pay utility bills for your extended family and a family business, did you not give OUR Community Chest to IPI to hold, did you not purchase hunting equipment and other personal things with OUR money, did you not purchase illegal first-class tickets for you and especially your wife who is not a government employee, did you not have an after-hours-party on Guam and purchase liquor for your new Chief of Staff with OUR money. I could go on but that’s enough for starters.

You can stop your grandstanding claims of innocence and deflecting your problems onto the JGO and start answering to the People as you are not fooling anyone, not even your Lt. Governor. Try answering the questions I just raised and WE don’t want to hear your “technical legal arguments.” We want you to explain in simple terms how the things you are accused of were legal.  DEFYING the reality of guilt that we are seeing based on the facts won’t work. Shame on YOU Governor, it’s OVER for you, just ask your Lt. Governor who’s running away from you and against you!

To be continued: One people One Direction.   

The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.



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