AMERICA and the world were taken off-guard when the Trumpians stormed the Capital which hasn’t happened since 1812, by the British but the insurrection has raised serious questions that must be answered. More importantly, #45 has literally taken an “ax to America dividing the very People of our nation into two opposing forces” which has even proved deadly on the hallowed capital grounds. The question of indifference treatment between white Americans and the rest of us-folks-of-color-in-the-cheap-seats was clearly answered when the protesters in the Black Lives Matter peaceful protest were treated so harshly and gassed by the police while the white crowd who committed a real act of insurrection to destroy our Federal Government hardly met any resistance because some of the Police were involved to allow it to happen. In fact, there are pictures of the police just stepping aside and even running backwards to let the mob in but that would have never happened if it had been “people of color” — for TRUE.

Ambrose M. Bennett

Ambrose M. Bennett

If this were my classroom, I would tell my students that “what happened at the U.S. Capitol was an insurrection to try and destroy our Government’s ability to function.”  There is a big difference between a protest, a revolution and insurrection which it seems many adult Americans don’t understand. Those people who were brainwashed by Trump were committing very serious Federal & State Crimes and they are going to jail FOR Trump, not our nation — prayers for their veil of blindness to be lifted.  When people protest, they don’t cross the line of “violence & crime” and when there is a real revolution there is some kind of a structured plan for new governing in place like in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.  But an insurrection is more of a revolt by a mob that is bent solely on doing harm to the Government and its officials. Never before in the history of America have our Federal Law Makers been under siege which is why the insurrection that took place is such a magnanimous and indelible scare on our Nation and our History.  The world is literally laughing at Americans behaving like a Third-world country under a dictator.

I’m writing about this mainly because WE the People have Trumpians among us in the CNMI who are also Torresians who don’t CARE about the rest of us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats.  Trumpians are LOYAL to TRUMP, not the Party nor our nation which they clearly expressed with their insurrection for a second time.  Don’t forget they took over the Michigan State Capitol carrying guns, just lucky no one was hurt. But I would say to local Trumpians and Local Torresians that “you are following a corrupt leader and accessing toooooo much fake news” to the point you don’t know what is the TRUTH and what is expected of Americans in the REAL WORLD, like respecting the election results!  Trump has literally created and army of “Domestic Terrorists” like I predicted in my book and Torres has created an “organized army of Torresians,” like I Told readers that is also implied in the RICO Statute. The Governor wants to keep Republicans in FULL CONTROL of our Government and We the People can’t sit back and stand for this kind of manipulation of our Government, I know I WON’T for REAL, so PLEASE help yourself by joining me if it becomes necessary & proper for the People to Demonstrate their expectations!

Our CNMI Government is in a deadlock because tooooo many of our voters are Republican blind followers which is why they still voted for corruption, nepotism, political manipulation of our precious resources & investment properties and a host of other adjectives that have been used to describe our CORRUPT and FAILED Government. They voted for Speaker Attao who arrogantly forced others members to “NOT tell us what they did with OUR money” and Angel Demapan who wrote what I call the “Free Ride & Loophole Bill” for IPI that literally prevented the People from getting the Community Chest Fund and other funding. These voters were beyond blind, they were foolish!  Our Governor and Republicans act like they NEVER read my Epitaphs which is why they went right ahead and tried to get Angel Demapan to be the Speaker just like I predicted in this newspaper long BEFORE it was public knowledge. Just like Trump and his Republican Cronies, our Governor and his Crew don’t really care WHAT is in the news and WHAT the People think and want nor HOW the People feel as this is about POWER and they are going to fight until the Feds come and arrest some of them because WE failed to vote them out — for TRUE!

I can understand and even appreciate one supporting their President Trump, but it is another thing to assert “lies and fake news.” The Trumpians don’t get it that their President simply applied what teachers & professionals call “reverse phycology” as he invented the term “fake-news” to imply others would be fake but in reality, he KNEW that he would be the source of HIS OWN fake news for his personal intentions that his poor veiled followers fell for and even consumed HIS madness in delight — more prayers as history is going to serve them a wake-up call they won’t ever forget especially those who end up in jail FOR Trump. But talking about Trump and Biden in the CNMI is not going to do us a lot of good which is why WE the People need to keep the focus and the media narratives on the CNMI.

Given we have a deadlock and its really “voters’ fault” for not electing a majority on either side which why I hope readers can now understand WHY I was pushing so hard for voters to elect all or at least a Democrat majority. Now we don’t know if the sun is truly rising on a new and better Government or if there is even a light at the end of this Political Tunnel or just more land-mines placed by the Republicans like Angel Demapan that are not meant to protect & serve the People but to protect & serve the Governor & IPI. Governor Torres may speak softly and act all nice teddy-bear but he is truly the most DANGEROUS Governor the CNMI has ever experienced and I have a good feeling the FBI is going to prove that very fact in Court. He makes Governor Fitial look like an “altar-server,” for TRUE!  These Republicans continue to be an embarrassment to the CNMI as Johnny B. Good from Kagman said: “It was Antifa - BLM disguised as Trump supporters assisted by capital guards opening gate, waved them in, an orchestrated event to lay blame once again on President Trump.”  This is a clear example of the “fake-news” that has continued to flow from Trump and Trumpians which is one of the reasons why Social Media Companies have closed-down Trump’s accounts along with the fact that he is inciting harm to our nation.  Too many people are foolish enough to carry out his sick desire to overthrow and election for HIM!!!

The title says protest, revolution and insurrection but what I would be introducing to my students is the need for a peaceful “DEMONSTRATION” in support of the Legislature but to send the message to the Republicans that WE the People in-the-cheap-seats want to see a Democrat or Independent Speaker. I warned the Republicans that I was willing to fight against Angel Demapan being the speaker and they did just like they have been doing to ALL of us for years, act like they didn’t hear us like they did in defiance of two NO-VOTES to the Casino. But I’m a person who truly “walks-their-talk” and if WE the People just sit idle and let Angel Demapan become the speaker in this deadlock scenario we are really stupid to just give our Government to him which is why I will be organizing a demonstration in the coming near future if things don’t change for the better. WE the People have only two choices: 1. Sit and watch things happen that might not be in our favor or 2. WE the People can “demonstrate,” not protest, in front of the Legislature to send a message from the People as they ALL work FOR YOU!  I know there were far more votes for Democrats and Independents which why the Republicans need to yield the Speakership, especially since there has been a Republican Speaker for the past 24 years.  My God, these guys are truly GREEDY for POWER even though they KNOW they messed-up, no remorse just down right arrogant like Trump.  But I’m praying the deadly sin of GREED is going to catch up with them much sooner than later.  To be continued: One People One Direction.

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar) and a Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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