BY now we should have learned from Occupy Wall Street or the Tea Party that were formed after the 2008 financial crash wiped out the incomes of middle-class families who we’re trying to get back on their feet. The bankers were the real winners despite their bad investments in toxic home loans.

 Today, we continue to suffer because of this evil coronavirus.

In light of the crash-and-burn casinos on Tinian and Saipan, we should figure out how we can put people to work —  or  in prison.

But talk is cheap, and action speaks louder than words, so get to work because this is unacceptable. Two casinos  have crashed and nobody is taking responsibility and nobody has gone to prison!

Here on the mainland U.S., if you look at the whole West Coast you’ll find CEOs pocketing billions and millions of dollars for their organizations and corporations with little government oversight  because that is how Republicans and Democrats run our government while their corporate media spews out propaganda.

It doesn’t matter anymore who is in charge. They are all tainted and guilty as charged. They think we are stupid and dumb and they like to look down on you like they are so smart and you are nothing because they believe they are above the law every day, even if they lie to your face every single day.

My Dad wanted me to become a journalist willing to confront these evil doers. I will honor my Dad’s wishes to hammer home the message of truth about government corruption and kidnapping all over the U.S.  as well as the entire Pacific-Asia region.

You see these cases that are being covered up in China and the United States and I now wonder if Democrats can do better than Republicans and bring my wife home. But it looks like the Biden administration will also cover up the abduction and kidnapping of my wife by Oregon and Multnomah County health authorities.

Oregon’s opioids negligence is a massive cover up and corruption that happens to victims and their families.

My wife was abducted for  CEOs’ hedge funds and opioids profits!

And the truth is I’ve witnessed a lot of Oregon lawyers and organizations backing out and not taking my  case because they don’t want to get into trouble with state and county officials.

They pocket billions while totally ignoring the massive homelessness all over America today, but I will not back down from fighting this corruption and abuse.

I fear nobody when it comes to justice for my wife and I do not fear the U.S. president or Oregon health authorities. I only fear God.

You want war or you want destruction? Both are possible in this evil world today. Texas is an example, but more surprises are coming for the Democrats and Republicans. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I am an independent swing voter.

Five years after the abduction of my wife, Shuchun Li Romolor, the coronavirus is a global problem. The coronavirus understands my anger and frustration,  and God is not sleeping.

Meanwhile, federal grants continue to be stolen from  the most vulnerable patients. I will never trust government anymore. I also do not trust organizations or corporations.

But Oregon is not getting away with the crime of abducting my wife. I’ve told the Oregon attorney general that they cannot cover up their government corruption and that they should release my wife so I can finally bring her home.

This massive corruption which involves homelessness and opioids  has been ignored because people on top are turning a blind eye instead of going after criminals, including those who bankrupted Tinian Dynasty or IPI Saipan.

 On Saipan, the government took my grandma’s land compensation money.

Well, I will never forget that, and I will also never forget what Oregon and Multnomah County did to my wife while Oregon state lawyers keep making excuses and telling lies.

Here is my question to Oregon officials: Are you making enough money five years after the abduction  of my wife?

To CNMI officials, here’s my question: Are you better off today after taking  my grandma’s land compensation money, and now that the Saipan casino, like the Tinian casino, is bankrupt?

God is not giving you guys any scot-free ticket.

With massive corruption happening around the world on top of the atrocities that are taking place on our planet, let’s not forget that Mother Earth and Father Sky brought us all into this world and both can take us out. You cannot tell what is coming soon. The unknown is real and could be deadly.

As a son and a grandson of traditional healers, my hope is that you people change your evil ways because God will not tolerate them.

I will uphold my parents’ legacy as I continue fighting for justice and my wife’s freedom.

I am my own boss. I will continue to monitor the reckless and corrupt behaviors of government officials.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.

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