I hate to say it as it was an OMG moment, but our President actually refused to “put-down white supremacy and he even told the racist “Proud Boys” group who HATES African-Americans to just “stand back and stand-by,” as if he is with them and will give the order for chaos if he loses.  The idea that the President is comfortable with Americans being in bed with White Supremist Groups is NOT unifying but in fact it is down-right terrifying, especially for ALL people of color. ALL Locals who would have gone to school with me during the Segregation Era. Having straight hair and light complexion does not make Locals white and I would hate for them to learn the hard way that they are not white like many Blacks have learned that whites are treated differently from people of color in American, which is why whites still stand by Trump because they are on the benefitable receiving end. White Supremist and the Neo-Nazis were truly celebrating after the debate while the rest of us-people-of-color have literally started praying we can get rid of #45 given his “BULLYING & RACIST” behavior on the national stage. I never thought I would see a Black President but I also thought I would NEVER see a BIGOT President in this day and time but I did and so did the rest of America see what CNN is calling a “S**T-SHOW” and we are seeing our s**t-show by our Republicans with their attack on Propst!

OPINION | Epitaph 154: The President, our Governor & the Feds        

The President’s performance was a disgrace to our nation and for what it stands for which is being “honorable people, truthful people, and intelligent & respectful people.” In fact, the CNN Poll that had 36% Republicans showed that Biden won with 60% speaks volumes that we still have racists in America and how bad the President was with his behavior. WE must not forget that “white America” actually tried to “RATIONALIZE” slavery just like they are trying to rationalize Trump’s racism. I respect people’s opinion but “TRUTH, FAIRNESS & EQUALITY” is the rational I pray the MAJORITY care more about than Trump or WE the People will be in for another four years of you-know-what (#45’s BS).

The reason I’m bringing up the national election is because WE the People of the CNMI are in the very same place as CNMI voters are honorable people but they are being led by DISHONEST Republicans. The Local people are truthful people but they are being MISLED and fed LIES by the Republicans who have sold the CNMI out to IPI and CHINA running our class “A Tourists” and friendly country of Japan away. They literally destroyed our economic base and now look, we don’t even have an economic base with no real plans to REBUILD our economy because WE were living a Republican LIE. The Local People are surely respectful and intelligent people but the Republicans have disrespected us by stalling and not holding the Governor accountable. They are just preying on our intelligence like we are fools with the Governor, not charging taxes to IPI at first, giving OUR Mariana Resort away without a lease or one penny, letting the Chinese Government put money into our Campaign and the list goes on of disrespect and insulting our intelligence.

It’s very obvious our GOP is BULLYING just like Trump and we only need to be reminded of what they just finished doing to Rep. Ed. Propst and his family. The idea that the Speaker of our Legislature was going to drop what they were doing (holding the Governor accountable, IPI’s future status, our Economy) to investigate a fake case on Rep. Propst should tell everyone with common sense that these guys are just down-right BULLIES!!!  They really don’t care about holding the Governor accountable because the Speaker is still stalling like I accurately predicted (Told You So) and that they are MORE concern with trying to destroy Rep. Ed. Propst. I am truly praying this will all BACKFIRE in their faces because their politics is truly horrific.

Our GOP is also for Local Supremacy as our Governor is like Trump who is for White Supremacy which is one of their tricks used to stay in power by trying to make NMDs think that they are PROTECTING their Rights to be PREJUDICE! They used Article II like a weapon to get voters to believe in them protecting their rights when in reality they are “taking away the rights of locals” (the right of OWNERSHIP & FREE ENTERPRISE). They used Hawaiian horror stories to scare locals instead of creating educational programs for Locals on HOW to Use or WHAT to DO with their land to avoid the same mistakes. Republicans convinced Locals that they are somehow SUPREME and can protect the Local People from themselves, which is really an embarrassing put-down of the intelligence level of the local people. I know for a fact that if the People are educated, they will make the right decision on their OWN — not Government Godfathers.

What is wrong with giving all Americans the right to own their house lot or opening a business, which is why most American Investors don’t want any part of the CNMI and why all the neighborhoods are still full of JUNGLES, as Locals are leaving as fast as they can for greener pastures on the mainland. The Republicans had to turn to CHINA because they don’t want to treat all Americans EQUALLY which is why I’m mentioning Article XII that has truly “HANDICAPPED” the CNMI’s economic growth. Do we continue to look at jungles or growth and real PROSPERITY? But, after John Davis made sure the EQUALITY of EVERYONE living in the CNMI could VOTE on ALL issues related to Article XII, the Republicans put the BROKEN Article (flawed blood requirement with no equality) in a lock-box and they are praying it will just stay there. Well, I’m here to remind voters that the Republicans are still promoting Article XII a “racist law” that violates the U.S. Constitution and sooner or later it is going to blow-up in the CNMI.  How many times will I have to say I told you so to our leaders and that TIME is on-my-side. I can’t say the Democrats will do any better with Article XII because it is a People’s decision which is really a “ticking bomb” and no one seems to know it is “ARMED” literally. I just pray the People of the CNMI will remember “the Civil War & Segregation over equality” and find the fortitude and commitment to America to honor our Nation’s Creed that Dr. King fought and died for: “WE hold these truths to be self-evident that ALL men are created EQUAL”!

WE the People have been losing EVER SINCE, especially if you are not a Loyal Republican and it is all coming to the light which is why the Republicans are trying so hard to change the narrative and news cycle to be on anyone and anything but them.  The Republicans are raising HELL on Social Media but they won’t DARE get in the newspaper and in my sights, which tells me they are truly BULLIES who knows that I know Script-Karate figuratively with the ability to figuratively kick-their-butts. The Republicans want “local supremacy consisting of loyal Republicans.”  So, for those who are voting to address “policy, wrongful furloughs, misuse of OUR money, corruption, and rebuilding our economy” and you are not one of the Loyal ones, I pray you will know how to vote in the best interest of ALL People living in the CNMI. The voting booth is NO PLACE to get personal for self but the place to help EVERY Person as it will be the collective number of votes that will rule in the end. WE will all find prosperity together, no just locals, or continue to flounder in Republican Duck Soup!

PS: I haven’t forgotten part II of Turning Adversity into Prosperity but this was a more pressing issue. To be continued: One People One Direction 

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar) and a Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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