The Governor might have been on the list of those who are being pardoned by the President by now if he had pushed and promoted his innocence two years ago for a speedy process & trial instead of getting the Trump administration to delay everything. Even if he was convicted, the Governor would surely be on Trump’s list to be pardon. But now he will face the Biden Justice System that won’t be offering up pardons for Trump or his allies who are going to jail. Thank God for Justice!

I was also thinking about how many months ago when the heat was on full blast the Governor PROMISED to EXPLAIN ALL the RECIEPTS that implied he was breaking the Law but to date there hasn’t been so much as a whisper of an explanation. How can the leader of our Commonwealth tell such a lie and get away with it, especially when the Legislature also had a fiduciary responsibility to give the People they work for an explanation? But instead Speaker Attao played around with the investigation just as I predicted and now for all intent and purposes that Investigation is over. WE the People are being played on by these Republicans as if we are “blind, deaf & stupid,” for TRUE!  The Governor has only been “stalling, gaslighting & grandstanding” with no intent to ever explain anything. How can he explain purchasing “personal hunting equipment, first class tickets and something so petty a Cheetos”? Just keeping the issue warm & out-front for the NEXT Legislature!

Republican legislated hypocritical racism against Zaji

 I TOLD readers SO that our GOP Legislature was racist and now YOU have more empirical unadulterated PROOF!

Racism & Bigotry are truly “LEARNED” behaviors and our GOP Leaders are the forefront in teaching racism. While our Legislature can look the other way and even play blind when it comes to the Governor & themselves breaking the law, they are quick to demonstrate their HYPOCRISY and legislate a "persona non grata" that is purely RACIST in nature. I’m not trying to say he is innocent or guilty of anything but I have to speak up for my African-American BROTHER. I’m only saying he does not deserve the treatment he is getting, especially from the Legislature who overstepped their authority trying to make “an illegitimate & racist point of protecting the people from Zaji.”  Zaji is a U.S. citizen and the "persona non grata" is meant for “foreign Diplomats” that we might want to kick out of a state or nation. But the moment a mainlander who has no family connections with the People in the CNMI starts to speak-up the Legislature issues a totally unenforceable "persona no- grata."  If Zaji was wrong to say what he would do “IF,” I would be one of the first to say so but they are quick to jump on the helpless Zaji like they did with Rep. Edwin Propst over a 20-year-old issue that wasn’t even prosecutable. Tubob! “Tubob” is African for “two-faced” people who will smile in your face and stab you in the back at the same time, which is how the Speaker and other Republicans did to Rep. Ed Propst.  But the People sent a loud and clear message that they WANT Ed Propst who didn’t even have to campaign. Maybe it will be Ed. & Tina in 2022!

But these Republicans won’t lift a finger or speak one word about how the Governor has misused OUR money, purchased fraudulent Airplane Tickets and our DPS Commissioner who clearly imposed “nepotism & favoritism” with the furloughs!  For me, the Governor and the DPS Commissioner, who clearly doesn’t know how to handle a hostage situation, poses far more of a threat to the CNMI than Zaji. Why is Janet Maritita and our House of Representatives even trying to bring up something that took place back in the mid1990s some 25 years or more ago just to try and paint an ugly picture of Zaji especially when one of the two cases was even dropped?  Zaji has done a lot of “shining-the-light on our Government’s MESS-Ups” but nothing to threaten the safety of anyone living in the CNMI. The problem is he is a Black Man with no real ties in the Community who is challenging the Government and Employers to “Do the Right Thing” and the easy way out for our Republican leaders is to just try and get rid of him.

Unlike myself, who is closely tied to many members of the Local community, I know why the Legislature was quick to issue a "persona non grata" because Zaji  doesn’t have these ties and they didn’t expect anyone to complain but they do expect support for the racist Resolution, which is truly the saddest thing about this entire fiasco.  Zaji hasn’t been convicted of anything in the CNMI, which tells me there had to be underlying or should I say “HIDDEN” reasons that they don’t want to state, which is bigotry and racist oriented.  But they really want to give the impression they are protecting the CNMI from Zaji.  But I truly hope and pray they are not fooling the many open-minded and truly religious people in the CNMI.  Zaji is not local and more importantly he is a Black man speaking up which speaks volumes to the racism the Legislature is promoting. But what makes this persona non grata a truly pathetic statement about the CNMI is that too many locals actually agree with this bigotry. WE have all made idle threats in the heat of passion but even based on his words it was not a real threat because he said “IF I had a gun” which implied that he didn’t have a gun and that he was NOT going to do a darn thing.   They have simply exaggerated this entire event and used a 25-year-old past against him but nothing about what he has done illegally and been convicted of in the CNMI. This actually reminds me of my formative years growing up under the made-up Jim Crow Laws and how the KKK used them against Blacks who spoke up for themselves.

But the voices of the People (commenters) speak volumes to the racism the Legislature has stirred up being TRUE to their colors of Racism: But first I do want to thank elkapitan for clarifying that “A U.S. citizen cannot be a persona no- grata" in the U.S. The phrase is Latin for "an unwelcome person." But we also have Locals like Katakin who say “Wish we could deport mainlanders. This dude's the ultimate fool,” which is a form of pure biasness towards people from the mainland based on their origin, which is a form of bigotry or racism! He needs to hope and pray no one on the mainland thinks that way about Locals!

But John Ulrich  is down-right hating on Zaji and thanks to John Doe for letting us know what he said before it was deleted as he said: “This guy is always up to no good. Should have been locked up a long time ago.” John Ulrich even had the audacity to call Zaji “a monkey and that he needs to be put in a cage” — ugly racism.  Who does John Ulrich think he is but more importantly WE the People now KNOW what he truly is, for TRUE! I just thank God we have objective minded people like elkapitan who explained the true purpose of a persona non grata, John Doe for exposing John Ulrich as saying “the most racist thing I’ve seen here in a long time” and johnfraser1 who said, “Say what you will about Zaji, he's one of the few people who will call out BS when he finds it. The rest of the population (Locals) acts like so many sheep,” which for me is true. Locals, as a whole, are afraid to speak-up and out about our Government mainly due to so many family ties. It may actually take the help of some mainlanders to get out front and lead for the CNMI to get totally on the right course to find “good government and real prosperity.”   The only question is will locals learn to listen to mainlanders who are their fellow citizens or continue to let us all flounder in the waters of racism. We can never segregate prosperity in American which is why I will keep saying to Locals, “WE will either all find prosperity together or continue to flounder together is this sea of racism & corruption.”

I’m just glad there are people who do know Zaji is not being treated fairly. But we have to pray for those against Zaji as they are clearly treading in the waters of racism and bigotry especially when entirely toooooo many Locals have done worse and even been convicted of worse, especially the Local child predators and those who have been arrested and convicted of “TERRORISTIC Behavior”!  But there has NEVER been a persona non grata attempted for a Local — a true example of HYPOCRITICAL (tubob) BIGOTRY! To my knowledge the Legislature has only tried this ridiculous stunt twice and both times it was against a “mainland U.S. Citizen” (one white & one black). Learn to “walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you start stoning them” because I’m sure Locals wouldn’t like it if mainlanders took the “outsider attitude” towards locals on the mainland. 

But the WICKEDEST thing about this entire matter that was proven by commenters is the Legislature is literally causing Locals to support racism pushing them over the edge into the sea of racism. I Told readers this group of Republicans had racists among them and now they are proving it again so please finish the job of getting rid of them in the next election if we truly want to fix ALL of our Government. To be continued: One People One Direction. 

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar) and a Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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