THE Republicans Haves are the main reason the People Have-Not and I must thank Rep.-elect Ed Propst and his fellow Democrats for reassuring the People that our Government should be about helping those who need help the most FIRST and not last. Rep.-elect Ed Propst has already signaled that our Government in the House of Representatives will be making a switch in 2021, from the Republicans HAVING everything while the People Don’t-have must of anything. It is just unbelievable but true that we still have people living in tents, we lost one hotel unnecessarily with a second one on the verge of leaving and IPI is not only failing while cheating the People out of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS in the process. The Republicans have certainly been HAVING their way which is why the People have become the HAVE-NOTS.  But the circumstances of total Republican Autocracy rule is going to begin to change now that 2021 is here with the final nail in this two decade old Republican Autocracy being surely nailed in come 2022 with a Democrat Governor, a Democrat Majority in the Senate and in the House of Representative that will be MORE reflective and responsive as the “People’s Government OF, FOR and BY the People” — for TRUE and HELLER VOTERS!

Ambrose Bennett

Ambrose M. Bennett

There is no doubt the People elected some Democrats who will surely FIGHT FOR the “have-nots” in 2021, unlike the Republicans who have been fighting FOR IPI, the Dirty Thirty and Republican Loyalists to HAVE everything.  “The Haves of the Torres Administration” were really prospering opening up businesses while letting IPI get away with murder figuratively even allowing IPI to owe the Have-not People 10s of million that could be far over 100 million before us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats see a single penny — for TRUE!  In fact, the Haves were doing great until the FBI raids that just shut the schemes and businesses of the “Torres Organization charged in the RICO Investigation but those raids won’t mean a thing to the have-nots if there isn’t a successful prosecution.

I’m sure the majority of citizens in the CNMI in EARLY 2021, want to see the Federal AG over the CNMI start prosecuting the Torres Organization as he was quick to remind us he will follow an unrealistic memo of a known White Supremacist Jeff Sessions on “Prosecuting Mariana Crimes” when Congress didn’t even give him a budget for prosecuting Marijuana Crimes, especially when Jeff Sessions’  Memo is surely going to be rescinded by the Biden Administration.  So he needs STOP this ugly delaying “Republican Politics” and HURRY-UP and prosecute the real criminal BIG FISH in the CNMI because the “have-nots” have been waiting entirely too long to see the end result of his RICO Investigation, which I’m sure everyone with common sense will agree is far more important than prosecuting marijuana crimes that are now the responsibilities of “the State where Legalized.”

I’m sure many readers can remember all the lies and promise of prosperity the Casino was SUPPOSED to bring and now it looks like the “HAVES at IPI” have been literally STEALING from “the HAVE-NOTS” AGAIN as they previously lied on their taxes to the tune of several million. Now according to IPI’s own records they have collected 127 million in China of the Billion or more “owed in Credit Lines that is subject to being taxed in the CNMI” but that hasn’t happened — for TRUE!  The People of the CNMI are continuously being treated like “suckers” and the Casino Commission had better get its act together and get seriously tough with IPI and collecting OUR Money or ELSE, I’m sure there is going to be an “Oversight Hearing in the Legislature on IPI of MONUMENTAL Proportions with all kinds of ramifications — for TRUE because it is no secret that WE the People HAVE SEEN ENOUGH!

But I can remember warning the People on more than one occasion about the Casino Commission and the “Accounts Receivables from Credit Lines that totaled near ONE BILLION Dollars” and this was right before the last election for Governor in 2018, so that amount has only gone up.  Only now after IPI is slowly turning into a “white-elephant” is the Casino Commission looking at the Receivables of IPI because I Told the Casino Commission So two years ago, “all lines of credit must be required to pay the taxes on this money BEFORE the credit line was issued” which would keep the CNMI from worrying about collecting these large sums of money that are extended without any collateral FOR the People! 2021 will end the HAVES mistreating the HAVE-NOTS!

Rep.-elect Ed Propst is so right about our Governing efforts to help the People being “nonpartisan” as helping the “have-nots” is the responsibility of both parties and even every civic minded citizen.  The present Legislature has virtually been “IMPOTENT” when it comes to “oversight & accountability” which is why the “have-nots” are still waiting on the tens of millions from IPI and on Federal relief they should have gotten months ago but the HAVES are “figuratively & literally” doing all they can to siphon-off as much cash as they can which takes time like they did with the ARRA Money that took two years to spend — it’s figuratively the same old dog doing the same old bad tricks. The accountability of our Government is one of the “expressed purposes of our Legislature in both the Federal and CNMI Constitutions” yet that all important function has virtually ceased to exist.  But thankfully Rep.-elect Ed Propst and the Democrats in 2021, are going to give us their “ALL & ALL” to try and fix the broken “check & balance” part of our Legislature’s accountability functions to help the “have-nots” for a change. To be continued: One People One Direction.

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar) and a Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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