WITH the potential for a “deadlock” in the House of Representatives come Monday there will surely be a show-down for the Speakership. Given the implications both Parties need someone to come over to their side but I think it is really common knowledge that the one who goes over to the Democrat side will surely be a HERO but if anyone goes over to the Republican side will indeed be a “traitor to the People’s desire for a CHANGE in Leadership.”  It is clear the majority of People wanted NEW leadership because the numbers don’t lie and if readers doubt me, as I won’t do your homework, just add up the votes for the Independents and Democrats that far outnumber the Republicans and if you add the 11 Thousand votes Kilili got it is very clear that a Democrat or Independent should be the speaker.

Ambrose M. Bennett

Ambrose M. Bennett

I was telling readers in a previous Epitaph that the Governor was doing all kinds of things to try and get control of the House of Representatives and I just got it “from-the-horse’s-mouth” (an Elected Democrat) that the Governor is still at it.  Names don’t matter but the facts do because the Governor sent one of his emissaries to an elected Democrat “promising all kinds of favors and that a “Governor’s Pardon” was even part of the deal for the emissary if successful in getting them to change sides and support Angel” — for TRUE Readers!  WE are already living in dangerous times with this pandemic but our Governor is also just as dangerous to our Political System, which is why he is facing a RICO Investigation and Prosecution. Heck if readers weren’t watching, Trump just started a real “insurrection on the U.S. Congress” to try and derail the election, so it shouldn’t be much of a leap for his counterpart in the Party (our Governor) to also try all kinds of things to protect himself. I’m just so glad and thankful that elected Democrat told the Governor’s emissary “over-my-dead-body” and that was the end of the Governor’s latest scheme to protect himself and IPI in the Legislature.

The show-down on Monday at the Legislature is something that every citizen in the CNMI should be concerned about because the results will have lasting effects on our politics be it “proactive to have real accountability within our government” or “protective to shield the Governor & IPI from being held accountable to the People” — it’s really that simple.  These potential repercussions of the show-down are really common sense and common knowledge and it remains to be seen if there will be a real HERO FOR the People or a real TRAITOR FOR Political Loyalty-Politics — WHO will win is the question for TRUE!

For me, I still believe that “good will always eventually win-out over evil” but sometimes it takes hard lessons being learned the hard-way. I’m just hopeful and praying that WE the People don’t have to learn ANOTHER lesson about these Republicans the hard-way as WE should have already seen enough to know we are dealing with a Criminal Organization just as the FBI is alleging and I believe the FBI and so should readers. We the People need someone to have the moral fiber and the fortitude to “stand-up for what is RIGHT” over everything else and support the Democrats because that is what real Heroes/Sheroes DO in the face of adversity!

The game they will be playing on Monday is “for-keeps” (very real) and there won’t be a second chance to get it right unless there is a “deadlock.” But WE the People don’t need to be deadlocked with missing leadership of a Branch of Government so I’m asking everyone with a real interest and concern for new leadership to call those Republicans and the outstanding Independent and seek their support for the Democrat side of the isle. Readers might be surprised at the power they have if they will only pick up the phone and SAY SOMETHING as this is Our ONLY chance for two years to get it right. I really don’t want to have to start a protest if Angel or any Republican is made Speaker because the People wanted a Democrat or Independent based on the voting tabulations. To be continued:  One People One Direction.  

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar) and a Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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