THIS is the last Epitaph and it’s only fitting to highlight the insurrection on Capitol Hill led by Trump and his supporters to violate the sanctity of the election and laws that is virtually the same kind of siege WE the People have been experiencing in our Commonwealth under Torres who also violated Local and Federal Laws. Trump has been desperately fighting a personal and futile war to overturn the election and our Governor has been desperately fighting a personal and futile war to avoid Legislative Oversight & Accountability and the similarities between Trump & Torres are just amazing if you think about it.

Ambrose Bennett

Ambrose M. Bennett

Well as we say in my culture, “Trumps legs have been cut soooo short he can sit on a dime and swing his legs” and the funny but sad thing about his final demise is that “he did it to himself” by simply being his normal ill-moral and corrupt SELF! Twitter has even permanently suspended him due to “his danger to American society” yet there are tens of millions of Trumpians who are still following him and his lies down the path of LOYALTY to corruption, racism and now insurrection. I think most readers who have been keeping up with the events on the mainland know that Trump is about to go to jail for a number of things which is why Republicans are literally jumping-ship for good and obvious reasons. Trump has literally taken an ax to American Society with “racist white people on one side and the rest of America on the other side.”  Trump has caused a lot of his associates and citizens to get into some very serious trouble with Law.  I am just soooo thankful that Democrats and Independent Voters combined far outnumber the over 70 million racist whites and ignorant Blacks who are Trump followers, which is why our American Government is now a TOTAL Democrat Majority, which is really what I was hoping and praying FOR the CNMI but all voters didn’t get my memo! 

 We also have Governor Torres who’s legs are about to be cut soooo short that he can sit on a dime and swing his legs too and the funny but sad thing is his political demise is solely because “he did it too himself too.”  I’m sure most readers who are informed already knew that our Commonwealth was under siege by the Republicans which is why they did sooooo much wrong right in our faces knowing that WE the People didn’t have the weight of a dime when comes to holding IPI, the Legislature and the Governor accountable.  The minority bloc just officially exposed the real numbers on how the Governor and his wife violated CNMI laws which is sending the signal that the “gig-is-up” for the Governor and the only question is who and how many will jump ship in the face of the reality that Governor Torres is not only going to get impeached but he is also going to jail.

But just like the millions of Trump followers who are going to see indictments & prosecution of Trump in Washington and in the Southern District of New York, there are thousands of Torres followers in the CNMI even in the face of corrupt schemes to protect the Governor and Members of the Legislature who also misused OUR Money and a RICO Investigation and Prosecution of the Governor. Just like Trump, Governor Torres has already gotten a lot of citizens and possibly politicians into some very serious trouble with the Feds as the “Dirty-Thirty” and even Angel Demapan who must surely is being eyed by the Feds as one of the Governor’s Lieutenants in the RICO Organization Investigation that is likely to yield a lot of indictments and prosecutions. 

But I do know that many Trumpians on the mainland are just simply having entirely toooo much “blind-faith” in a LYING Trump and are literally the BLIND following the WRONG news sources.  I also know that many citizens in the CNMI are just not informed at-all about the Governor and his Organization called the Republican Party and are being “spoon-feed” lies and half-truths, which is why so many Republicans got re-elected solely due to their popularity, given they misused OUR Money and protected the Governor. 

The insurrection on the U.S. Congress was real and deadly and the siege of our Government by one man, the Governor, has been just as deadly to our Economy and our quality of life. Governor Torres made many deals that worked AGAINST the People aided by the Legislature and just like Trump escaped Impeachment the first time with the aid of the Senate.  So as the sunsets on Trump I am praying along with many other voters that the sun is also starting to setting on Governor Torres.

The End of an Era — the Resurrection

Without any doubt, the inauguration of the new Legislature signals the end of the total Autocracy rule of Republican leadership over the past two decades even though the House is deadlocked. The Sun is now rising with the newly elected Democrats on the horizon bringing a brand-new-day for the CNMI.  This will rightfully so be the last Epitaph and I will begin the new “Sunrise Report” in honor of the rebirth of our Democracy and our founding Father George Washington and his Sunrise Chair he used in creating America’s Federal System of Government.  Our Democracy has literally been resurrected from the dead by voters and the Democrat Party and for that WE the People should ALL be thankful and happy to know we will have an “accountable government TO and FOR the People.”

We are witnessing the end of a Republican Era of one catastrophe after another with high hopes of reaching the horizon to find “fair winds and calm seas” for our Economy and the People.   This new balancing act in our Political System that will hopefully generate real “checks & balances” is really something the entire CNMI can be proud of because it means BETTER Government FOR the People. But we are only halfway there in totally transforming our Government given the deadlock with the need to finish the job in the next election with a Democrat Governor and a clear majority of Democrats in both Houses, as our Government’s leadership was decided by a “coin-toss” and not the People. So WE the People must do far better the next time especially in Precincts 1, 3, and 6.

FYI readers, the CNMI and our Political System are at the real “crossroads of the CNMI’s political evolution” and it is all important that WE the People continue making the “right and even better choices” because it will only take one bad or wrong move or turn for Republicans control again to throw us off a new course in finding prosperity.  We just witnessed how the State of Georgia literally saved America from the clutches of a Republican control Senate who only want to stop or kill everything the Democrats try to do. WE the Voters missed the opportunity in this election to give the Democrats the full majority they needed but there is a lot of hope that some real HEROES Independents and/or Republicans would side with the Democrats eventually to avert the catastrophe of a never ending “deadlock House” that won’t be able to get much of anything done, which is why WE the People have to finish the job in the next election.  But WE can still be proud of the fact that WE the People did TRY and made some progress to change our Government for the better. To be continued in the NEW Sunrise Report — coming soon!  One People One Direction.

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar) and a Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholar who resides in Kagman III

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