The pretending must stop. The ignorance must stop. We must effectively adhere to the coronavirus safety protocols.

Money for your life? Is that what this argument is about? What about common sense?

Common sense guys. We need to be smarter about this continuing deadly virus. Our safety protocols come first.

We cannot have it both ways. I myself am a volunteer on the frontline delivering food boxes to neighborhoods and it scares the hell out of me.

Yeah, it's true we eventually will die. But we cannot prioritize money over our lives.

As a son of NMI traditional healers, believe me. My Grandma and Dad who healed others would not accept your money. They had a sense of duty and obligation to help without expecting anything back. Their ultimate purpose was to share their special knowledge in an ethical manner and save human lives.

Whatever your point of view in our world today, we're all suffering so we must work together to solve the medical crisis we’re facing.

We're also concerned with our real-life financial hardship. Just imagine the families who have lost their homes to forest fires in California and the rest of the West Coast. They are left with nothing but the clothes they have on. It's an unimaginable disaster.

Man-made laws belong to the mega-corporations and organizations connected to crafty, clever and corrupt public officials. They make their own special laws for their crime partners. Both political parties think they are above the law.

The only thing that is saving and protecting us is our Constitution. But how many times have we witnessed public officials trashing our laws?

So who can we trust today folks? I'm disgusted. We're shafted no matter how we vote. This is ridiculous.

We might as well burn up the Constitution if we cannot behave like normal persons. I don't even know who I am or what I'm fighting for anymore.

The world has been thrown into turbulence and chaos like we're really looking forward to our own destruction — like we don't care anymore about families.

Here in Oregon, I am volunteering to help deliver hundreds and hundreds of food boxes to families. We're doing our best.

What about the governors of Oregon and the CNMI? What have they done for families who are struggling and suffering?

We're talking about a Democrat and a Republican who have both failed miserably to improve their jurisdictions.

If you think we can normalize government corruption all over the world — think again. The coronavirus is coming for you. Nobody is safe and that is the deadly truth. So do no harm and do no evil. Justice for all!

The bottom-line is change is coming in November. So be ready because the tidal wave in the Pacific Ocean I saw in my dream was bigger than China and the United States. Maybe it signified this deadly pandemic.

For the last 20 years, medical specialists and scientists of the Oregon Health & Science University’s Department of Dermatology have kept me healthy and alive. In contrast, some Oregon mental health department doctors have abused my wife in return for opioid profits.

What justice are you talking about Oregon Health Authority? This is corruption and I will not back down. Bring my wife home now!

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.

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