HOPEFULLY, our living conditions will improve soon because right now we’re at a crossroads called Catch-22. We are very responsible and accountable for the people we serve in public but let it also be known that the traditional canoe technology was advanced by the brightest navigators in the  Pacific Islands of the U.S.

Thank you online commentator John Ulrich for saying that my earlier op-ed was like a 3rd grade homework. It is my pleasure to be witty and humorous amid this deadly coronavirus. It is a do or die kind of lifestyle! I hope you are not on Survival Island Saipan John.

The truth is, there's a lot of money being thrown around and that is what we need: to infuse trillions more for capital improvement to house all the homeless  in the United States which is overflowing with people whose lives have been ruined or are turned upside down by their own leaders who put kids and families in harm's way.

President Joe Biden is doing the necessary and humane thing to do in communicating with all world leaders that certain things must change if we are going to work together for peace and diplomacy. We must fight for human lives and protect them from bombs and atrocities. It’s inhumane to see babies die  every day.

The world must cooperate to stop all these killings because it is not who we are. We have families to take care of, plus we must do our jobs collectively and peacefully to preserve peace and human lives to maintain our respect and dignity. We are not ruthless people, but we can fight to the death too.

I came from the middle of nowhere in the deep Pacific. I am from the Northern Mariana Islands where America’s Day is One Day Advanced. I’m from a tiny flying canoe and its technology is based on the breadfruit tree that also provides us food.

It is important to make organizations or corporations understand that there is no winner here because if we fail  to upgrade and advance our infrastructure then another strong typhoon will devastate the islands, again. We need durable U.S-made homes that can withstand 200 miles an hour super mega typhoons that are coming soon.

Imagine if you have a Dad who knows you’re not telling him the truth. I could not lie to my Dad. He was a traditional navigator and was familiar with traditional medicine. He was also a superstar baseball player in his younger days. He was a federal government employee who delivered lunch to the elderly.

Me and my Dad did have an intense argument over the importance of journalism. In the end, he was right. It was a good thing I never dropped my civics and journalism classes. I get to honor my Dad’s wish every day.

I hope that this coronavirus does not blow up again because we need to get things going again, and it has already changed how we approach certain stuff now. We cannot afford to squander trillions of dollars. There’s too much pocketing and yapping but no results for the homeless from west coast to east coast.

I cannot trust anybody.

That is the reason I focused on U.S. and foreign bankers following the 2008 financial crisis. White collar crimes were out of control but now they are being monitored.

We must not be reckless in  spending federal funds. We must track every penny and identify where it goes and who are involved in those transactions.

FEMA has spearheaded humanitarian relief efforts across the nation and its territories. It has helped survivors of tornadoes, hurricanes, super floods, super wildfires or super typhoons.

 But some massive relief packages that people need were never distributed on time because of lack of compassion and empathy.

But this new U.S. president is on a mission to go the extra mile. He has asked members of Congress to work with him.

Right now, we’re still on alert, and we’re smart about the need to remain safe. But Covid-19 is still raging in many countries and jurisdictions so  saying you do not want to wear your mask in public or you refuse to take a vaccine is not right.  

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.

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