IN honor of President George Washington and his famous “rising-sun chair” that he sat in during the founding of our nation and in honor of the RESURRECTION of what was our dead Democracy, I’m beginning the Sunrise Report.  The sun is now rising on our 22nd Legislature with high hopes of figuratively finding “fair winds, clear skies and calm seas” that will surely be a change from the floundering over the past two decades in the “Straits of Republican Malarkey.” KUDOS and Congratulations to Speaker Villagomez and Floor Leader Yumul and the rest of the Democrats for taking the leadership over all the Committees, I know you will all deliver FOR the People.  I also want to offer a VERY SPECIAL Thanks & Kudos to Rep. Ralph Yumul for being the Democrats’ and the People’s HERO for having the FORTITIDE to “Do the Right Thing” like other Republicans on the mainland are finally learning to do in dealing with #45!  We the People are finally taking the first giant step to set course for a NEW Direction of Governing FOR the People! 

Rising Sun chair

The head-rest of George Washington’s “Rising Sun” chair.

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I trust the Democrats and if they trust the leadership of Rep. Villagomez and We the People shouldn’t complain given the corruption We might have faced with Angel Demapan. But I do hope that Speaker Villagomez and Floor Leader Yumul will and MUST now seriously consider joining the Democrat Party given they are already “caucusing with the Democrats.”  Its already common knowledge Governor Torres has a “No U-turn LOYALTY” sign up for Republicans, just like Trump throws People who do the right thing in opposition to him under-the-bus. It is noble that Speaker Villagomez wants a “collaborative House,” but that may never happen given the Republicans NEVER collaborated in the past and I don’t believe they have learned their lesson yet still voting for Angel Demapan under orders from the Governor. I’m saying this because, the battle to get our Government on a completely New Course for a New & Better Destination(s) has only just begun. It should also be noted that Independents may not be sooooo lucky and important for the leadership come 2022, because the People now know for TRUE that they need to elect MORE Democrats if we are to truly CHANGE our entire Government for the Better!

But Rep. Yumul may not end up alone as other Republicans may follow him in caucusing with the Democrats and even joining the Democrats once the Feds start putting on “bracelets and passing out orange jump suits” which is just a matter of time. I’m predicting this because it’s going to be very embarrassing and hopefully those Republicans who were literally COWARDS in the past will “Man-up” to HELP and even join the Democrats. It is already a fact that Republicans have been “rebuking Trump” in Washington for the past two years and the Insurrection was just the “last-straw-that-broke-the-camel’s-back” as now he has been impeached AGAIN — thank God for REAL!  Even Mitch McConnel has turned on Trump wanting to “PURGE” him from the Party for taking our nation and government to edge of all-out chaos with death-threats on elected officials and on all the State Capitols.  There are going to be MORE arrest for MORE CRIMES & MORE DEATHS with MORE prosecutions in this insurrection than took place with any of the Black Lives Matter Protests — two Police KILLED and four others are even DEAD!  So, I will let these facts speak the truth for themselves about the Insurrection v the Black Lives Matter Protests. But the insurrection did signal the END of Trump FOREVER and that the sun will be rising in Washington too come the 20th with a fully Democrat controlled American Government once again.  It has been 8 years since the Democrats were in control in Washington but it will be 24 years for our Democrats come 2022.

But I have to mention that I LOVE the Kandit News post of “Corruption’s worst nightmare” that is surely coming to an end as the Governor and IPI will be put in check and even checkmated!  I was also truly praying that I wouldn’t have to protest against Angel Demapan whom I wouldn’t vote for to be a “dog-catcher” after what he did to us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats in favor of IPI. I guess the vice-speaker position was a “trade-off” that us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats can live with given he doesn’t really have a lot of power but I still wouldn’t vote for him to be a “dog-catcher” either given his disrespectful contempt FOR the People. In fact, his arrogance to make lawmakers sign a letter disrespecting the People’s right to know what they did with our money is surely one of the reasons Rep. Yumul had seen, heard and been-through ENOUGH because he was literally scrambling to explain what he used the money for like a RESPECTABLE Lawmaker. WE just need more voters to stop re-electing the same darn corrupt leaders come 2022 if they somehow escape the FBI’s Investigation.

The old wise-man saying of “good always conquers evil” is soooo true it just doesn’t say “how long it will take and what event(s) that will bring evil down.”  But if there is one thing WE all know even if we don’t know the 10 Commandments or the 7 Deadly Sins and that is “God does not like UGLY” and We the People have been and continue to be faced with UGLY under Gov. Torres’s leadership. Heck, I’m just thankful this “pandemic challenge” is really a Health Issue that our Hospital and First Responders are doing an awesome job because We can see how BAD and UGLY the Political Response has been. We the People can see how they are dealing with the Government’s role of getting HELP to the People who need it most — only a trickle of drops at a time. But they can take trips to the Northern Island and go to the Fishing Derby while the People are suffering and can’t even get answers not to mention the money that was given to them by the Feds — it’s so sad. Heck, most of the citizens on the mainland already have their 600 Dollar check LAST WEEK but We are still waiting — duh and HELLER sleeping Republican voters please wake-up before 2022.

But I think I can say with a great deal of optimism that “our most difficult days are slowing disappearing in the rear-view mirror of our Commonwealth” now that we have changed Boats in the House and begun to change course for a more accountable government that is truly more responsive to the needs OF the People. There will be no more Labor Secretaries thumbing their nose at the Democrats like she did when they were the minority bloc as accountability is now a REAL Government Function that will surely be carried out by the Democrats.  No more will IPI get-away with whatever they want as they will now be held accountable too.  No more will the Governor put-off the investigation on how he misused OUR money and the list just goes on and on of things that are going to change for the BETTER!

The sun is truly rising on a new and different Commonwealth Government and I’m sure as the day gets longer, We the People will surely appreciate the new leadership, especially in the House. But WE the People must still “keep-our-eyes-on-the-prize” and turn some of our attention to the Senate now as the Republicans are still in control.  The Senate will surely be on “trail BY the People” over the next two years and I’m sure there will be MORE Democrats in the Senate and even a Democrat Governor come 2022, as a Democrat Governor is just what We the People need and history really does repeat itself -for TRUE! 

But for now, I will close with a reminder to Republican Torresians, of the many “I Told You So” admonishments that came to fruition on many occasions but I’m really batting a high average when our leaders really listen and execute. The former Independents LISTENED and now they are the majority so Republican die-hearts can keep thinking no-one is listening to Ambrose M. Bennett and acting like they don’t read what I write and trashing me and my writing because all they are doing is presenting MORE opportunities for me to say “I Told You So.”   I’m an absolute professional & team player with over 50 years of “education & experience” in the Social, Economic and Political Sciences. The Sunrise Report will be more about promoting “new changes & improvements” unlike in the Epitaphs when I was fighting against the corrupt establishment.  To my critics and opposition, I’m not the enemy but I must post a “BEWARE” sign to those who chose to ignore or dare to challenge the Factual-Truths and Sciences that I will be promoting if you don’t want to hear those famous words, I Told You So! To be continued: One People One Direction. 

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar) and a Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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