I THINK most readers will agree that “what it is” is that We the People have truly elected some very “HONORABLE” Democrats who now have the opportunity to restore “dignity, honor & respect” to our Government!  What has been was over two decades of Casino & Republican MALARKEY Politics including the Covenant, and Independent Republicans but the question now is “what will be” as I’m sure there are literally thousands of voters “waiting and watching” to see what it will be.

Rising Sun chair

The head-rest of George Washington’s “Rising Sun” chair.

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But I think the statement by newly elected Rep. Celina Babauta that calls for a “bipartisan House” says it best if the Republicans will truly “collaborate” like they should have been doing all along because the CNMI might not be in such an “economic disarray” with virtually no major tourist attraction country to really depend upon and PLEASE don’t say we have the casino & the Chinese! Rep. Babauta’s statement amplifies the “quest for bipartisanship” that Democrats have always been pursuing with the Republicans given Republicans have maintained the majority in our Government for a long time.  While there is still the potential for a “deadlock” on issues, Rep. Babauta along with her fellow Democrats have offered an “olive branch” to the Republicans in hopes that the work of the 22nd House of Representatives will prove to do some of the best work with real “oversight” and some of the best Bills & Resolutions in our brief history.  History has proven it was Republicans who started the “NO to EVERYTHING” offered by the Democrats and it will be Republicans who must bring it to an end.  But the great part about “what will be” is that we now have “liberal forward-thinking Democrats” who have made the commitment to the People and have the fortitude to get the work DONE! 

I think everyone has some kind of aspiration and I’m sure ALL voters are hoping and praying that “what will be” is Republicans working with the Democrats FOR the People and BETTER Accountable Government first and foremost!  WE can achieve genuine accountable Government because the Republicans can no longer run their “LOYALTY to Torres Political Plays” as the minority and more importantly Voters ARE watching and waiting to see if they have to get rid of some more Republicans in 2022, so BEWARE because 2022 will be here before your office seat starts to show any ware!!!  But it’s a new day and Republicans are nearly POWERLESS which alone makes for BETTER sailing under BETTER Government Leadership in the House of Representatives. I just thank God it’s finally Democrats “Holding & Controlling our Purse Strings” for TRUE!  I’m sure they won’t refuse to tell us what they did with OUR Money like the Republicans — improvement is definitely on the horizon.

On the national front the sun is rising, as there was a time when bi-partisan support for Legislation was a common thing before the Obama years but it is like a CNN contributor said: “every time WE (America & African-Americans) take one step forward we take two steps backwards.” They were referring to the election of Barack Obama for two terms that signaled a big step forward for America and all People of Color but instituted the “NO to Everything by Democrats” followed by the election of Trump who took us two or three steps backwards. The only thing WE the People can THANK #45 for is his ability to EXPOSE the depths (70 million) and the perils of the “Trench of RACISTS Supporters in America.” Trump has literally taken us back to a Civil War Era with only title changes that now read “White-Abolitionists & People of Color v White Conservative Americans in the War on Racism & Inequality” —  for TRUE. I think we all knew that racism is still alive and well but we didn’t know it was doing that well-off at this point in time until the Insurrection at the Capitol.  But thanks to Trump “what it is” is that the KKK & White Supremist of ALL Breeds have come out-of-the-wood-work like roaches and they are much more destructive than Blacks ever-were when it comes to protesting — for TRUE! But in a parting word, I truly must say to any person of color following Trump they need to know and check-themselves because Trump is a proven RACIST Bigot and I can only pray for your veil of “Tribal-Trumpism” to be lifted!  But there is hope on the horizon with the sunrise that “what it is” is a NEW Democrat President & Legislature whom I’m sure will do all they can to un-do Trump’s mess and get America back on the right course in many aspects of governing and life in America.

But I can say similar things about the sunrising on the CNMI and our new House of Representatives that “what will be” is the suppression of the “Torresian Tribe” that has “Divided the People of the CNMI.  Our Republicans did the instituted the same “NO to Everything by the Minority Policy.”  But “what it is,” is the majority that Republicans once had is already figuratively starting to shrink from the large numbers that could fill-up a Cruise Ship and once the FBI finishes, I’m sure “what will be” is a few souls in a life-raft come 2022 —  I can’t wait!  The “Republican LOYALTY Era” is now coming to an end because our Government is supposed to be about “LOYALTY TOO the PEOPLE”! We the People have seen enough of dishonorable politics which is why the Democrats now control the House for the first time in many years. The Republicans don’t have anything of real substance to be proud of even though the Democrats have never controlled the Senate and the Democrats haven’t won a majority of the seats in the House of Representatives since 1989 — an awful record of “Emergency after emergency to austerity after austerity.”   Voters should really be sick & tired of REPUBLICAN as the definition of madness is “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result” as the CNMI is truly teetering on the brink of madness with Republicans — for TRUE! We are just fortunate enough Democrats got elected to change our “political course” in governing.

Another “what it is,” is the dismissal of the Investigation on Rep. Ed Propst is not just a VINDICATION of Rep. Propst but it is also a CERTIFICATION of a Dishonorable Political Assassination Attempt that was led by the very same dishonored politician that was re-elected (Rep. B J Attao) — so sad! The AG may have vindicated Rep. Ed Propst but he literally PROVED that HE is possibly highly culpable in the Dishonorable Political Assassination Attempt by “sitting on the case and holding onto the case until after the election and that it was evident Ed Propst got re-elected and was sworn in.” The AG should have dismissed the allegations “ON-THE-SPOT” as it was a very SIMPLE decision of “statute of limitations” for a “lay-person” much less a former Judge — OMG, who does he think he is fooling! How long does it take for any lawyer to know the “statute of limitations was up” but I guess he thinks us-voters-in-the-cheap-seats are all blind stupid or crazy? I am sooooo disappointed with our AG who was once a Democrat and his Political Malarkey. I will be sooooo glad when WE the People can vote for a NEW AG who will really be “non-political” like our present Judges. What it is, is that our AG just offered further proof that we haven’t reached the finish line for fixing our ENTIRE Government, as WE are only halfway through this immense and all-important Political Challenge to fix our entire Government. “What will be,” is accountability on Republicans as they thought Rep. Propst would lose but the People fooled them which is why I hope & pray Rep. Propst will sue all the “Republican Political cronies” for what they did to him, his family and trying to FOOL the people not to vote for Propst — for REAL!  These Republican Cronies may escape the FBI RICO Net but they really need to be exposed to the People for what they really are “CRIMINALS” — for TRUE! However, as the sun rises on our new Legislature to make improvements in our Government, “what will be” is that We the People must still keep in mind and look forward to what WE the People will do in 2022 —  get a NEW AG for REAL!

Another “what it is,” is that the admonishment of “accountability” by Sen. Paul Manglona is another sign of “what it will be” in this new day of our Politic. I know that common sense voters have to agree with the Senator and look forward to “what will be” or at least should-be MORE oversight in the Senate. More oversight will surely help to restore “trust & integrity” to the Senate and our Government as a whole.  I’m sure EVERY Voter wanted “change & improvement” unless they are living on the mainland and are not directly affected by what WE have to live with in the CNMI. But to common sense us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats the thought of “what will be” is more oversight is definitely an improvement. If the Senate President doesn’t agree with Senator Manglona and institute MORE oversight, I would humbly and respectfully beg to ask OUR new Senate President “WHY NOT have more oversight” if he is truly in opposition to Senator Manglona and having a more “accountable Government” FOR the People.  But while there is surely a dark cloud shadowing over the Governor’s office, it is plain to see from all villages on Saipan that the sunrise is shining bright on the Democrats and our 22nd Legislature right next door.

To be continued: One People One Direction for Better Government!

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar) and a Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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