I THINK most readers will agree Democrats are on the RISE while Republicans are on the decline in the National and Local Political Arenas of America which includes the CNMI. The tide has turned across America and in the CNMI figuratively taking out the Republicans too sea while the Democrats are ascending to take control of our Governments nationally and locally in the CNMI.  There have been all kinds of talk that the Democrats won’t do anything before they are even given a chance but if readers remember what I said about the “nay-sayers” they know it’s really Republican Cronies.

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The head-rest of George Washington’s “Rising Sun” chair.

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Republican leaders are clearly suffering from the “withdrawal of losing” as many are in total silence even in the CNMI but their cronies have gotten a lot busier in Washington and even in the online comment section of this newspaper with their claims of everything “being funny” that is related to the Democrats. I used to see only one or two “funny” assessments of my Epitaphs but now I’m seeing over a dozen with the Sunrise Report which tells me and anyone with common sense that they are truly expressing their hate due to their suffering from the “withdrawal symptoms of losing and are clearly afraid of what the Sunrise Report can do to their Party.”   I guess they still haven’t learned that it is the “silent majority who really RULE in America and the CNMI” and their handful of negative and ugly comments only serve to figuratively “give ME oxygen and it shows their true conditions of withdrawal symptoms.” 

But for sure, no one can deny the former Independents now Democrats as being fighters FOR the People but they also process the more “progressive and creative minds FOR the People” which is what made them the ideal liberal minded Democrats that WE the People needed to get away from the same old conservatism by Republicans. Kudos to ALL the Democrats because the CNMI needs YOU and a real “Economic Rebuilding Plan” and not a lot of “picnic table discussion ideas over beers” that are coming out of the Governor’s office. Having a vision, a real plan of action to make it happen is paramount to the CNMI being successful in the not too distant future now that vaccinations have begun.  But I think it is common knowledge that the Governor has no such plan yet — just talk about “bubble Tourism” that sounds like it came from a picnic table discussion, not a scientifically developed plan. 

The last I heard the Governor only asked the Legislature to “come up with some revenue generating Bills” which means he is going to charge all of us (citizens & businesses) to pay MORE like he did with the Marijuana Laws instead of informing them to find NEW Investors that will bring in new sources of revenues to rebuild our Economy — it’s going to take real work, not picnic table discussions.  Heck, the Mariana Resort is still sitting there just WAITING on an Investor which is why I TOLD the Governor in an Epitaph to call Kan Pacific and see about working a deal based on their last proposal.  But we all know he is trying to save the Resort for IPI at OUR cost — for TRUE! Our economy is really never going to change until a Democrat ascends to take the helm and actually works FOR the People and not IPI.

But I know for a fact and so do most readers know that the Republicans are “retreating” and dealing with their “withdrawal effects” of losing their power in the House. I’m sure readers can remember back in the late 90s and early 2000s how the then-administrations tried to “counter” every opinion article I wrote. Governor Fitial even hired someone to attack me from California. They literally “sicced” every crony they could on me even using my name “Ambrose Bennett” for the title of their character assassination attempt letters.  But they have been retreating from their attacks ever since the Covenant & Torres days mainly because they already had all the power and it didn’t matter what I said in the news anymore.  But today they are totally withdrawing mainly because they don’t have a real defense for all of their crimes the FBI is investigating, their failures and mess-ups, as they campaigned to beat Propst mostly.

I already said in an Epitaph that “it seems Republicans just have BAD HANDS with everything they touch dying” as local farmers might say. WE must literally keep this group of Republicans in a “withdrawal state” from touching and handling the controls of our Government ever again and the once public “all-out-attacks” on Ambrose M. Bennett have been reduced to a small handful in the comment section who can only press the funny button — ha ha! The silence in attacks on me speaks volumes to my success in dealing with their failed attacks and it only serves to tell readers their true ugly colors and possibly exposes a mental disability for some when they can press “funny” about THEIR people suffering — so prayers for their veil of ignorance to be lifted. With the Republicans in the “withdrawal state” WE are fortunate to have liberal creative Democrats at the helm of all the Committees, especially Tourism so WE can get some of our unhatched-eggs out of China’s basket figuratively.  The CNMI can regain the Japanese Tourists if our leaders will put their minds and heart into getting it done like they did with the casino shoving it down our throats.  But this time they will be working FOR the People and not the Republican Party and IPI.  It’s really simple to start regaining the Japanese Tourist Market by just leasing the Mariana Resort to Japanese Investor(s) ONLY — for TRUE!

Rep. Sheila Babauta who really has a bright future in politics is a great example of the liberal and forward thinking WE the People need. Representative Babauta has been struggling to get things done like the Center in her precinct as a minority but she continued to fight FOR the People in her Precinct. She recently “offered the GOP a proposition in the last Legislature they couldn’t refuse” that can be attributed to her creative thinking — KUDOS to Representative Babauta and her sister Tracy. The previous House Ways & Means really had no choice but to OK the tax offset bill introduced by Representative Babauta which is proof that WE the People do have some bright Democrat Representatives who can reach across the aisle to get things done and I’m sure she will be even MORE productive as a member of the majority. WE just need MORE Democrats in both Houses of our Legislature. It should also be noted by voters that Rep. Sheila Babauta was only 9 years old when the last Democrat Governor left office and she is now 31 which speaks volumes to the need for new Democrat leadership at ALL levels in our Government — Republicans have been given toooooo many chances given this was first time for the Democrats to be in the House Leadership since the 15th Legislature (2006-2008).   Please wake-up voters before 2022 get here if you really want to see a better CNMI!

The Senate is the next step for voters to change as I’m sure there is a lot of Torresians in our Senate but WE have no option but to wait & see for now. However, while Republicans in the House are suffering from “withdrawal symptoms” as the tide is receding taking the Republicans out to sea figuratively, the sun is rising with the ascension of Democrats in our new Legislature and WE the People are so fortunate to have Rep. Sheila Babauta and other Democrats to begin “reforming the CNMI, rebuilding our Economy and holding our Governor accountable” FOR the People. One People One Direction.

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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