THANKS to Kandit News and the light of the rising-sun that is now shinning on the “Ambrosio Pardon-Gate Scheme,”  WE the People now know for TRUE that our Governor is acting like a real “Godfather” as claimed by Kandit.  The recent revelation of a “BRIBE & EXTORTION” in the last election should OPEN every voter’s eyes as the Governor is so bold as to allegedly keep committing CRIMES right in our faces and even after I WARNED voters he would do exactly what he did. OMG some nerve!  I Told You So voters and VOTERS need to stop this Republican mess with some “GOOD-TROUBLE” come 2022. We know Trump was doing everything he could including inciting an insurrection to overturn the election results and Governor Torres was figuratively doing a very same thing here to try and maintain control of what was HIS House of Representatives.  I Told Readers So, about our Governor’s plan to control the House of Representatives with Angel Demapan whom I believe is his TOP Lieutenant.  My “I Told You So” was proven RIGHT AGAIN with the exposure of the “Trump Style quid pro quo” (something given or received for something else) scheme to give “a pardon, committee chair of choice and support for Bills,” IF a Democrat would “betray the Democrat Party and the People who voted for them” by supporting Angel Demapan for Speaker. WOW, PLEASE wake-up voters before 2022.

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The head-rest of George Washington’s “Rising Sun” chair.

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Republican voters can keep pretending they didn’t read or know about my admonishments and Republican Officials can keep acting like they don’t care about what I write but ONE DAY they will get it that “the TRUTH and facts that I present to readers WILL always prevail over EVIL in the end,” which is why I keep reminding readers and Republicans that “time is truly on my side.”  This is stuff that WE just saw with Ambrosio is something we see in the movies that has become a genuine reality in the CNMI. I can only hope and pray voters don’t forget this come 2022, as “time really does fly.”

The Governor and His cronies in His alleged Criminal Organization by the FBI actually put un-due pressure on Ambrosio, who desperately wants and may even deserve a pardon, to get at least one of the Democrats to literally become a traitor but it failed.  I just hope and pray the FBI is adding this recent alleged criminal act by the Governor to their RICO Investigation and eventual charges. Republican Voters who are upset and displeased about this recent Ambrosio Pardon Gate Scheme revelation as a voter who voted for and supports the Republican Party really need to reconsider their political alignment. Republican Voters are the one who elected the Governor and HIS alleged Criminal Organization that the FBI even “TOLD THEM SO” and these voters still turned around and still voted to elect Angel Demapan and other Republicans in the Governor’s Organization. I can only wonder “WHAT were they thinking! WE the People need a lot of these Republican “die-heart voters” to let their Republican support DIE — for TRUE!

But these events with Ambrosio are just the “tip of the iceberg” of crime and corruption that Voters now know about that took place during the election. But you can bet if there was one “quid pro quo” for POWER that there were many other attempts that us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats don’t know about YET, as “quid pro quo, bribery & extortion” appears to be the Republican Party’s Modus Operandi.”   I’m sure there were many other bribes offered to extort other Democrat Elected Officials and even voters in an attempt to keep control of the Legislature FOR Governor Torres.  Voters have only begun to address the need for change in the House of Representatives because WE the People as a whole fell short of giving the Democrats the genuine majority they needed leaving the “door-open” for the Governor to walk-in and try to take-over using his criminal tactics.  These recent bribes and extortion were voted for when voters elected the same Republican “crony” (Angel Demapan, as Kandit calls him) as we saw the Republicans try four times to get Angel elected Speaker.  I’m sure there are thousands of voters who might now be saying and thinking WE should have elected someone else and even anyone else other than Angel Demapan.  Our Commonwealth truly needs for the People in certain Precincts to WAKE-UP and stop following Republicans. 

Heck, we have thousands of voters between18 to 32 who have NEVER witnessed Democrat leadership in our Government and the sad and devastating factor to CNMI politics is that many of these young folks were even RAISED to be a Republican just like they were raised to be Catholic so they didn’t have a chance to make-up their own minds and it’s not all their fault. But these young folks are adults now and like the Independents who saw the light and need for change hopefully these young people will at least see enough light from the sunrising to give Democrats a real chance come 2022.  “Remember the Ambrosio Pardon Gate Scheme” will just be one of the cries come 2022 for MORE new Democrats in the Executive Office and in both Houses of our Legislature because the Executive Office & Senate are the next challenge to fix our ENTIRE Government come 2022.

We need the majority of voters to come to the realization that they “MUST TEACH the Republican Party in the CNMI a real LESSON” like voters did to Trump and the Republican Senator from Georgia who protected Trump from being convicted but he is still leaving office in disgrace like Torres will do — GURANTEED, as Charles Barkley might say for Sports Fans! We already have a Governor who is surely going to leave office in “handcuffs & disgrace” and yet the Republican Cronies are still as active as EVER working on HIS behalf to try and manipulate the House — so sad. Voters had to break the Presidential Voting Record to get rid of Trump and Voters in the CNMI may have to do the same thing in the next election to finish fixing our Government.

I know some may say or ask WHY am I writing so much about the next election at this point in time.  Well FYI, I have always been a person “ahead-of-the-times” in many ways since High School, which is why I have been so successful with my “I Told You So” admonishments — knowing what’s coming before it gets here. There is also the fact that some people don’t have a real sense of time and may not develop it until they are much older as to how quickly time passes, which is why parents are often forced to teach “PATIENCE” to their children.  There is also the fact that others may just not be able to envision or see OVER the horizon like I can to know what is coming what is needed to prepare for the inevitable.  I’m also a “Boy Scout” for life and I am always following our motto to try and “always be prepared.”   But more importantly, I ran track to get through college on a full scholarship and I KNOW for TRUE you don’t wait until you can see the finish line in sight to start trying to win a race because you will probably be toooooo far behind to catch-up and win. I figuratively started running to get the former Independents to join the Democrats for two years right after the 2018 election and NOW look at the winning results. I’m just keeping-my-eyes-on-the-prize of fixing our entire Government like I was taught by Dr. King in the Movement because it’s “always a day on and never a day off,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — need I say anymore.

Waiting for election season to start running a race that actually began when the last election ended is “being content with what it is which can lead to failing to plan for the future to make the results even BETTER” — in track it’s called “training” in politics it’s called “educating the people BEFORE the election.”  In fact, over half of the registered voters have already made up their mind BEFORE election season based on the “present track record of the Parties” as WE knew before the election that many people already WANTED to vote Democrat — for TRUE.  Every time WE the People witness a corrupt act of this Administration like the recent “Ambrosio Bribe & Extortion Scheme” it is an opportunity to EDUCATE & REMIND voters they need to “PLAN for the removal of the Governor and ALL of his cronies” and that opportunity will surely come in 2022! More importantly, a lot of voters have short memories and actually NEED to be reminded to PLAN just like I had to remind students to “do their homework.”  The selection of our leaders actually requires that voters to “do their homework and even keep a mental record” to make the RIGHT decision for the CNMI to get an “A” in Governing figuratively. WE were failing miserably with the last Legislature but our grade will surely improve with the election of Democrats, we just need to give them MORE Democrat HELP come 2022.  I’m just “sowing seeds of Good-Trouble-Fruit FOR the People that take two years to reach maturity for harvesting,” as we might say in my culture. But I can’t impress upon voters how vitally important the next election for Governor will be for the People of the CNMI to really become One People headed in the RIGHT DIRECTION to find real prosperity for ALL in OUR Commonwealth. To be continued: One People One Direction. 

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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