“GREATNESS is not a skill but a MIND Set” that only takes place when the opportunity presents itself and believe me the Republicans have made sure there are PLENTY of opportunities for greatness in the CNMI. The sun is surely rising with many possibilities for GREATNESS and WE are so fortunate to have the Liberal Minded Democrats finally in a position of real power to influence the outcomes in the House of Representatives. For me, I don’t have any worries given the character and fortitude they have exhibited in the past. One of the “informal requirements and expectation for being a good or even great Politician is their “track-record” and I don’t think anyone can deny the former Independents now Democrats were truly fighting FOR the People to have a BETTER quality of life and to hold our Governor Accountable. The proof of GREATNESS can be found in the fact that Ed Propst didn’t even have to campaign and still got the MOST votes solidifying the GREATNESS potential in Rep. Ed Propst, in voters and in the Banner “The People’s Party” in-spite of ugly-truthless-dirt being dug up and thrown on him from 20 yrs. ago to no avail. There shouldn’t be any reason to doubt the new Democrats will continue with all-due-speed to carry out their agenda as they are still working on Committees and haven’t been in office a month good. But like I said in the previous Sunrise Report: “the sun will rise one morning Governor and it will be Democrats with a subpoena to testify in the Legislature” that you can’t avoid and it will surely be another “I Told You So.”

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The head-rest of George Washington’s “Rising Sun” chair.

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I personally know WE need to impeach the Governor even though I may forgive him but I will NEVER forget the “political insurrection” the Governor attempted to pull off among Democrats using only one “soldier, emissary or what-ever” with his alleged “bribery & extortion scheme” — it’s like BASTA ENOUGH! If this scheme had taken place in Washington you can bet the President would be impeached just like Trump was impeached the first time with his “quid pro quo scheme.” But our Governor went beyond a “quid pro quo” to “extortion” and only those who are “blindly following the Governor” would object to the Governor explaining to the PEOPLE his transgressions. Given the Governor is ultimately responsible for EVERYTHING in his administration, I’m sure the majority of voters think it would be GREATNESS at last to hear: 1. The Governor’s justification for missing OUR Money for his personal intentions that he even PROMISED in the newspaper to explain to the People, LIAR-LIAR Pants on FIRE by (Feds, Public Auditor & Leg) whoever gets to him first. 2. Explain WHY did he give-away the People’s Marians Resort for FREE and now we need the lease money? 3. Why did he give IPI the People’s Community Chest Funds to hold that we need NOW! 4. Why haven’t the Government collected the millions owed in taxes from IPI given the Parent Company just collected 127 Million in China from the “lines-of-credit” that was given out by the Casino with “NO checks & balances by the Commission”? 5. Why is he fumbling around with the Hyatt Lease, and I could go on with MORE but I think the point is made about OUR Money the Governor is NOT thinking about collecting.

If the pressure is solely being put on the Democrats to be GREAT by the Governor’s request to “deliver new revenue generating Bills” that’s fine for me and even Democrats as I’m sure it will be fine easy and dandy if you just think about it.  All Democrats need to do is create Legislation FORCING the clean up of the mess the Governor has already made with his FREE wheeling & dealing FOR his personal intentions and IPI’s. I suggest they start by FORCING the Governor through Legislation to do some GREAT Revenue Generating Collecting like: 1. Collect all the money the Governor owes to the People for misusing OUR credit card. 2. Start immediate advertisement in “Japan ONLY” to Lease the Mariana Resort for the restart of our Economy. 3. Start collecting what is now over 50 Million OWED to the People’s Community Chest Fund and if other businesses and contractors can file a lawsuit for their money, why not the People. There is already one court order that threatens liquidation anyway and the CNMI really needs to “cut-its-losses” now to insure the PEOPLE will have a vested interest in what is left standing in Garapan. 4. Start collecting the “taxes and/or assets” from IPI that is owed on over 1 Billion in Credit Lines. 5. Finalize the Hyatt Lease so WE the People can at least make sure we can collect that Lease Money BEFORE the Governor gives the Hyatt away TOO.  IPI & the Casino are NO LONGER viable risks given “IPI’s failing track-record to perform, the Pending RICO Case that includes IPI, Adverse China Relations with Feds, and the looming and even eminent threat of receivership” as all of these reasons are why our leaders need to get the CNMI’s SHARE resolved NOW before there is nothing left to cover what is owed to the CNMI — for REAL!

But like most messes, sometimes you have to roll-up your sleeves and get dirty to make things clean and that is what the Democrats will have to do to some extent just to hold the Governor Accountable. Now just think voters, wouldn’t it truly be greatness if the Democrats were able to collect the 10s of millions owed to the People but the challenge is the Governor is still standing in the WAY and Republicans are still “stand-fast” behind him. Republicans could care-less about holding IPI and the Governor Accountable even though it means facing the potential DEMISE of the Party come 2022.  Even WORSE and its Public Record as I was amazed and disappointed but not surprised that Republicans like Rep. Leepan, who I thought was one of the “good-ones,” allegedly REFUSED to even join a Committee and some of the Committees like “Health & Education” previously controlled by Republicans haven’t met in nearly two years.  So, the Democrats are already busy doing GREAT things by just trying to catch-up on and addressing the many “oversights” by Republicans. But the clincher is, WHAT in the world happened to the “MANDATED by LAW Commonwealth Address,’ especially since the FBI allegedly has the Governor’s & his Family’s Passports and he can’t go anywhere — thank God an end to the first-class tickets and the personal purchases with OUR Credit Cards.  But while Democrats are starting down the road to GREATNESS the Republicans are in the alley and “silent holding up fig-leaves.”  It’s just sad that none of them will step up and admit they “have seen ENOUGH” to try and SAVE the CNMI and Republican Party, SAVE ONE! God Bless the Republican Floor Leader Yumul and the Republicans in the U.S. Congress who crossed the line to support Democrat Efforts!  A reminder that “we are in a parallel political universe with our counterparts in D.C.”

I’m sure WE the People can expect to see “the People’s Party” doing GREAT things that Republicans NEVER did, like make a real commitment to help CHCC because everything that helps CHCC will HELP the People and even decrease Medical Referral Dependency. Don’t forget, it was Republicans/Covenant who killed the Retirement Fund and turned then Department of Public Health/CHC into a public Cooperation so they could “TAKE and MISUSE the 40 Million a-year that was going to CHC as a Government Entity” and they even tried to put the blame for the demise of CHC on Juan N. Babauta. To this VERY-DAY, the Republicans have “piece-meal helping CHCC and have NEVER funded the Medical Referral Program in the Annual Budget, which is why the Referral Program that is an unfunded-LIABILITY” has been so erratic to sustain when it needs to GROW! The CNMI should have been developing a real “PERMANENT Presence on Guam” years ago as we are paying enough in “Hotel Room Rental Cost” to actually pay-a-note and OWN a Hotel that will diminish cost in the tens of millions over the years. So, anything the Democrats will do about CHCC will definitely be GREAT compared to Republican Piece-Meal Plan!

If there is any skepticism about the Democrats and the “REBUILDING, not restarting” our economy then “don’t worry, be happy” that we finally have some liberal minded people in office who can really think and will really do the WORK! They don’t need Republicans like Ivan Blanco, who FAILED, telling them the most important KEY to serving the People is “getting our economy back up-and-running.”  But putting all that burden on Democrats to in-turn put the burden on Local People & Businesses is NOT the way with the Governor’s Proposal to “create revenue generating Bills” that will only pass the buck to the People and Local Businesses. EVERYONE needs to be thinking Democrat for the next two years if we are to truly turn our entire economy around because the Senate and Executive Branch are STILL Republican DARK RED Strong-Holds of “you-know-what”!

The only thing WE have seen lately that is truly GREAT is the way CHCC has handled the Pandemic and Vaccinations. I said before CHCC gets an “A+” from me. But it is the “day-after the pandemic” that I’m concerned about most and I know that if WE don’t get rid of this Governor it’s just going to be MORE stalling & fumbling around protecting the Governor and IPI while failing to do much of anything.  But I’m sure the Democrats will definitely be attempting to do some GREAT things but voters need to keep in mind that the Republicans are still “steadfast and dug-in on protecting the Governor and STOPPING the Democrats at every corner they try to turn in the Senate and in the Executive Branch.” FYI readers, Republicans have already literally thrown the “Olive Branch” offered by Democrats out-the-window -for REAL!  So, voters please keep your eyes ON Republicans and ON the PRIZE of having a New Democrat Government like our counterpart in D.C. come 2022. To be continued: One People One Direction.   

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III. 

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