THE CNMI is going to experience the same political civil war we see looming among Republicans on the mainland over LOYALTY to Trump that CNMI Republicans are surely going to experience with Gov. Ralph Torres and it’s just a matter of time.  There hasn’t been a single outcry of dissatisfaction with the Governor and his alleged criminal behavior and it seems our Republicans haven’t learned their lessons from history so they are literally DOOMED to repeat the same mistakes, which is some empirical wisdom that most Social Studies students learn in high school. History does indeed repeat itself and the “parallel political universe of the CNMI & D.C.” that I previously mentioned is proving to be more and more a genuine reality. Just as expected the GOP on the mainland who chose LOYAL TY to Trump over their Party & Country by voting to acquit Trump are now seeing the true reality of their awfully ridiculous decision and the CNMI Republicans are going down the same treacherous “dead-end road” with their LOYALTY to Torres over the People and OUR Commonwealth.

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The head-rest of George Washington’s “Rising Sun” chair.

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The Republican Party on the mainland is now on the verge crashing & burning due to a “Party Civil War” that is looming over LOYALTY and it’s not a secret anymore that LOYALTY is also the prerequisite in the CNMI.  For years it has been virtually common knowledge that “if you want a job in the Government you MUST be loyal to the Republicans” but voters didn’t have a viable option due to the lack of a real Democrat Party presence.  However, that has changed now and its truly time for OUR voters to bring their “A-game” or WE the People will be caught in the treacherous seas of “Republican Loyalty” going nowhere quick fast and in a hurry.

Voters and the GOP on the mainland are not really thinking because in reality Trump was only successful in getting more Republicans in the House but he LOST the majority vote for President and he caused the Party to LOSE the majority in the Senate and now Trump has turned against Senator McConnel for telling the TRUTH about his leadership and responsibility for the insurrection. Trump has literally declared “war” on him and other Senators in his effort to maintain control of the Party. Torres hasn’t done any better than Trump either because he obtained his first term with the help of the AG by refusing to have a Special Election after Governor Inos death and he LIED about PROSPERITY to get elected and more recently he is mainly responsible for his Republican Party losing the majority in the House of Representatives. Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives and in the Senate and voters are jumping ship by the thousands to join the Democrats so what else does Governor Torres have to do for at least some of the Republicans to WAKE UP!  I gave you “fair-warning” GOP so don’t be mad at me when all of this turns around to become a reality and you read those famous words —  I Told You So!

We can surely expect our own Political Civil War to take place in the CNMI once Governor Torres is formally charged just like we saw in the history with Governor Fitial and we will surely see some Republicans beginning to speak up & out against Governor Torres once they see the “handwriting-on-the-wall.” But Republicans who are waiting until the 11th-hour to express their dissatisfaction over the Governor’s  behavior are going to learn that “it’s too late” because WE the Voters have already seen this “political power play” to save the Republican Party by splintering into different groups. I’m sure voters who have learned their lessons from the CNMI’s History will no longer support ill-fated Republicans who speak up when it’s too late and splinter Republican Groups like “the Independent Republicans and a revived Covenant Party” which only served to trick the voters but it saved the Republican Party.  The more Republicans wait and stall around with their LOYALTY to Governor Torres the BETTER the chances will be for Democrats to be elected.  So PLEASE keep being loyal Republicans to Governor Torres over the People because hopefully the majority of voters have learned their many history lessons over the past two decades from our own Republican Political History that has taken the CNMI nowhere and with virtually nothing to show for two decades but the loss of OUR Japanese Tourist Market, a lot of Corruption and a dying casino.

WE can already assume the Republican Floor Leader has already seen ENOUGH but the Governor has “treaded more carefully and craftier” as the Governor didn’t attack the Floor Leader like Trump did to the former Senate Majority Leader McConnel.  But we can already tell after the Republicans losing control of the House of Reps. that the focus has immediately shifted to the Senate who has already set out to mess over the People to help IPI get out of the 2,000 NEW ROOMS required in OUR Contract.WE the Voters are not stupid Senate President Hofschneider, soon to be Lt. Governor AGAIN, for TRUE!   Our Republicans are acting like they don’t know there is figuratively already a “tropical storm of alleged crimes by the Governor” and it is not going to dissipate but in fact it is going to escalate with the potential for being a “Super Typhoon that is going to generate Political Civil War” with individual GOP members scrambling to survive but it is going to be too late.

The Republican Party on the mainland is about to crash & burn that will divide the Party for sure as the wisdom of “you reap what you sow” is coming to fruition, as they let Trump divide America and now their Party is going to suffer the same fate. But we figuratively saw this movie when our GOP refused to impeach Governor Fitial and the Party crashed into splinter groups of the “Independent Republicans, the Covenant and the Republicans and it looks like we are on track for a “REPEAT” once the Governor is held accountable. I’m just wondering who is going to get the “get-out-of-trouble-card with votes” other than the House floor leader who obviously knows he must hold the Governor accountable given he is working with the Democrats.

Republicans on the mainland and in the CNMI have both committed the “primordial sin of LOYALTY to the Executive over the People and OUR Constitutions” with Political Civil Wars being the end result. History Lessons already dictate that both Republican Parties are going to LOSE “the War Within & for Votes” because in the end, WE the People are a nation of principles, values & laws, not men and the only question is, will the People win these Wars by bringing their A-game to the polls in 2022, or will America and our Commonwealth remain controlled by a MAN and divided by LOYALTY”? 

To be continued: One People One Direction United We Stand, not DIVIDED by loyalty!  

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III. 

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