WHILE the Republicans have literally destroyed America and the CNMI it is the Democrats whom the People have to turn-too and depend upon for salvation. All kinds of proof that Trump literally caused hundreds-of-thousands of People to DIE all because of his Republican Politics for his personal intentions that went against the science to defeat the pandemic. Likewise, there is all kinds of proof the Republicans in the CNMI have literally destroyed our Tourism Industry, which is why voters turned-too Democrats for salvation. The Republicans don’t even know how to reopen because there is virtually nothing to reopen with — HELLER!

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There is no doubt that Trump has literally left America divided and in disarray to the point Americans can’t even come together in fighting the very REAL pandemic — the TRUE reality. The fact that Trumpians don’t believe in wearing a mask speaks volumes to the spread of delusion among Republicans that has even infected the Republican leadership who voted AGAINST helping the People in the Covid Bill — a sad day for the Republican Party and America.  The fact that the Republicans voted against the Covid Relief Bill even though 70% plus of Americans want and support the Bills should tell everyone with common sense that this “modern Republican Party has lost-its-way. There is no sense of bipartisanship in Washington and in the CNMI as WE have also witnessed our Republicans refusing to help the people in favor of IPI and protecting the Governor in violation of their fiduciary duty to place a “check” on the Governor. The sad part is these Republican supporters on the mainland are conducting “public mask-burnings” now and even having their children throw their mask into the fire — OMG, just thankful the People of the CNMI are far more rational.

But there is also no doubt that Governor Torres and his crew of Republicans have literally destroyed our Tourism Industry by figuratively and literally taking our investment eggs out of Japan and putting all of them in China’s basket. Heck, our Republicans even schemed to give the Mariana Resort to the Chinese Investors of IPI which is why Kan Pacific just gave up and left. Most of us learn as a child to “NEVER put all your eggs in one basket” and we (teachers) in high school Social Studies even teach the need to avoid this kind of “one-crop philosophy” that can be catastrophic which is applicable to our Economic Foundation. But our Republicans didn’t care about what they should have learned in high-school that is the “science of economics” because of their GREED for “money & power.”   Now we are seeing the end result of having an economy driven by tourism when our main-attraction or our only crop (the casino) is virtually dead-in-the-water with no real rescue plan for salvation.  To make it worse the Chinese Government is now against “off-shore gambling” which includes the CNMI so our Chinese Casino is really DEAD if we are going to depend upon tourists from China to come here and gamble.  HELLER Governor, Republicans and voters “the gig-is-up” as we say in my culture because there is NO-comeback for IPI under these conditions — so WHAT’s the Plan Governor and Casino Commission?

But I can remember Mr. B J Cook exposing “China’s Salami Slicing Methodology in the Pacific” and I even followed up on his article showing how China had not only Salami-Sliced the CNMI but was also “dicing the sliced pieces” which is how the CNMI went from a contract with Best Sunshine to IPI — duh!  But the Governor and his Republican Crew could care less about the proof of the CNMI being manipulated by the Chinese Investors and the Chinese Government even when the Feds told us in the release of some indictments that “the Chinese Government was involved in the Labor Scheme at IPI and that a money laundering operation was being conducted right in sight and under the nose of our Casino Commission” — some Commission.  Heck, we even just had a Senator to tell us not to be hard on IPI as if WE haven’t learned that this is what happens when the voters gave the Republicans the ABSOLUTE POWER that absolutely CORRUPTED the ENTIRE Party! Now WE are looking at the Democrats for salvation but our Government remains inept and dysfunctional with a Republican Senate and Executive.

But the great things about the Republican’s destruction on the mainland is that of the 70 million who voted for Trump, estimates and polls show that over 20 million have already dumped the Republican Party for a Democrat Salvation.  The insurrection at the Capitol along with the pandemic was ENOUGH for those Republicans with enough common sense to know they were in the wrong Party. The great thing in the CNMI is that many Locals didn’t follow the Trump lead on a lot of things especially mask even though there is no more community spread but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any.  We also saw voters in the CNMI jumping ship to support the Democrats in hopes of some salvation from the Republicans but it was only our midterm elections and WE still have a ways-to-go before transforming our Executive & Senate to Democrat leadership like we see on the mainland.  It is becoming ever more obvious that I was right about the CNMI being a “political parallel universe to the political arena in Washington” and you don’t have to be a political scientist to see this fact. Republicans are busy causing destruction on the mainland and they have already destroyed the CNMI and the only real hope for salvation in both places is the Democrat Party — for TRUE! 

I’m sure most readers know I have written a plethora of articles on a plethora of issues over the past 20 years to try and help the people of the CNMI and not to satisfy my critics like ezthere.  I’m sure many voters will now agree they WISH they had listened to me a long time ago because the CNMI would surely be better-off today. But ezthere’s recent comment is a reminder that some still don’t get it when he said: “Ambro for 20 years you've been writing the same fluff. Wax on Wax off.”  He is just a reminder some still haven’t learned to “wax on, wax off.”  He totally failed to mention that We the People are virtually in the SAME position with the SAME and for some even worse-off quality of life that existed 20 years ago and things are clearly looking GRIM with the casino’s death and the mainland migration of locals still ongoing looking for a better life — duh! Things haven’t really changed and he should be asking when-in-the-world is the CNMI going to “CHANGE for the Better” so I can write about the NEW CNMI. But until we (the CNMI) can resolve the “MAIN 20-year-OLD Problem” there is nothing really NEW to write about — for TRUE. So, stay tuned and hopefully voters will give us a real chance at salvation with Democrats in control of our Government which will surely make for a new perspective with new articles to please ezthere.  Until then, “wax on, wax off” is the message that needs to sink in for voters to “Wax-on Democrats into control of our Government and to Wax-off and get rid of our biggest problem — REBUBLICANS,” as the solution to finding real progress & prosperity is really that simple! 

To be continued: One People One Direction .

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III. 

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