THE Covid Craze of Denial/Rejection has finally hit the CNMI as the virus finally found its way into the community and it is easy to see how only one person can be the source of an outbreak. Everything has changed because of one person and I’m not blaming the front-line worker as it could have happened to anyone.  We are just fortunate that many citizens have been vaccinated with no one dying and our frontline workers are really doing their job with the contract tracing. I do want to thank our Frontline workers for their dedicated work and for publishing the vital “hot-spot locations” information to alert people to avoid or take extra persuasions at these hot-spots.  

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But like many citizens, the possible termination of Fire Fighters for not taking the vaccination is not only expected but indeed mind-boggling to see what has become a Covid Craze of Denial/Rejection to go against the science and the scientist based on NOTHING but supposition!  I totally understand and even respect the arguments on both sides of the issue but it is truly sad to see this happening in America with “RIGTHS” taking priority over “LIFE.” Unlike S. Korea where the People are all “One People” wearing masks only counting hundreds of deaths while America is counting hundreds of thousands and handicapped in defeating the virus by People infected with the Covid Craze and claiming their American Right to not wear a mask.   But nobody is taking about MY Right, Your Right and the RIGHT of All People “not-to-get-infected by someone with the virus but not wearing a mask”!  Mask are about Public Safety for all and NOT anyone’s personal rights as the “needs of the many will always outweigh the needs of the few or one” when it comes to wearing a mask — stop the selfish foolishness PLEASE! The “no mask craze” has now turned into the “no vaccine craze” which is how history will surely tell this ridiculous part of the story of this pandemic. I wish I could be around 50 years from now to read about how Americans reacted so ridiculously foolish because if there was EVER a time to be One People One Direction on an adverse issue of this magnitude facing all of society it is NOW!!!

I truly feel for these first responders who are concerned about not getting vaccinated even though it is their right to refuse. But it is also the RIGHT of the People to “keep and maintain a healthy Fire Department” for OUR protection. What happens when these firemen get sick from the virus and are not able to work leaving the People shorthanded on firemen and even contributing to the challenge of more patients at CHCC. But the sad and very REAL part is one may even die adding un-replaceable damage to their family when all they had to do was take two shots.  The Fire Chief has a real fiduciary responsibility and the RIGHT to “keep & maintain a healthy functioning crew of firefighters to protect & serve the People” because they can’t help anyone if they are sick or dead. Some may even require EXTENDED leave that can be up-to a year given some of the “Long-haulers” who caught the virus.  These firemen are literally part of the problem gambling with “their BELIEF of some possible but unknown & unforeseen long-term effect VS (against) the Best Scientists in America, top Leaders/Stars and even the President. Heck, don’t they know that if they don’t take the vaccination and die from the virus there is no recourse but if there is truly a “long-term adverse effect” the Federal Government can actually be held accountable for administering it, which is proof in itself of the vaccine being safe.  So don’t spend your money on lawyers now Firefighters because any lawyer will take a justifiable Federal Suit for FREE!  I don’t believe these Firefighters should lose their job for claiming their right but they do need to be put on “extended leave without pay until there is some form of virtual herd immunity.” We the People can’t afford their “beliefs” and the possibility of them being sick and even dying.

Readers need to know that “Trump driven misinformation broadcasted on FOX and Social Media” has truly misled and even brainwashed too many people and it seems our firemen may have been caught in the net.  FYI Firemen and Trump supporters, you need to know that Trump secretly took the vaccine and didn’t tell anyone publicly while many of his “love-joy supporters” have been seen on CNN saying they won’t take the vaccine — it is truly getting ridiculous. But being an African-American, I know what it means to have doubts about the Government and the possible long-term effects of the vaccination.  But I do believe in the science and the scientists and the many well-known People who took the vaccine OVER the “I don’t trust the Government and something may happen later-on thinking” and the Social Media “guess-work and political misleading tactics” that are not based on facts or science.

It will only take ONE Firemen catching the virus and dying for the rest of them to get the reality check “wake-up call” and I am truly praying it won’t come to that but I know from teaching youth and adults over 20 years that some people just HAVE-TO learn the hard-way — for TRUE.  I’m sure that if these Firemen would get educated on the SCIENCE behind the vaccine, they would know the possibility of something going wrong over-time is virtually non-existent. But fighting to have the right to possibly catch the virus and possibly die today based on a “blind-belief” that something, not based on science, might happen in the future is truly a foolish gamble that these firemen should not be taking.  But in America People do have the RIGHT to do almost anything including being foolish — that’s America at its worse and we can thank Trump, Republicans, FOX and Social Media. PLEASE watch and access “the trusted and creditable main-stream media” like CNN if you truly want to know the TRUTH about this virus, masks & vaccinations because WE the People really need to be One People One Direction if we are going to end this pandemic!

To be continued: One People One Direction.

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III. 

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