THE People will soon see the “Trial of the Senate & Governor” just as I predicted when H.B. 22-33 that asserts the Legislature’s Power to control and designate the use of ALL funds in the CNMI’s Purse. THANKS and KUDOS Rep. Tina Sablan as you are dead right in your speech that every CNMI citizen should read because WE the People truly can’t trust this Governor with over a half-billion dollars of OUR Money. The Governor has already PROVEN in many ways that he will surely manipulate that money more for his PERSONAL & Party INTENTIONS and you would virtually have to be blind, foolish or ignorant about what he has “done & failed to do” if you don’t know the Governor can’t be trusted. PLEASE wake-up Voters and call your Representatives and Senators to support this Bill because there is a half/billion at stake of YOUR Money — for TRUE!

The Trial will begin when H.B. 22-33 reaches the Senate given it barely passed the House and even if it passes the Senate the Governor must sign a Bill that will take his power away which literally means the Bill is dead-in-the-water like I predicted.  The Democrats will NEVER get enough Republicans to have two-thirds votes in both Houses to override the Governor’s veto if the Bill even reaches his desk.  I told readers this day of judgement for the Senate and Governor was coming as the sun is figuratively rising in the sky and WE the People want to eat breakfast that will be served by the Federal Government but you can bet the Republicans are going to literally ruin breakfast! They are still following and supporting this Governor to have sole authority over the money which is why I have been telling readers WE the People MUST get rid of THIS GROUP of Republicans to “send a message and teach these Republicans a lesson” just like our parents had to do to ALL of us at one time or another.  This group of Republicans are going to continue with their corrupt ways until WE the People kick them out of office save only one, the Floor Leader, because has chosen to Do-the-Right-Thing and help the Democrats inspite of his fellow Republican’s LOYALTY Creed FOR the Governor over the People and what’s RIGHT!

But I must agree with the Public Auditor as a Taskforce under the PA is not the solution when the American Rescue Plan Act provides over a half-billion in State and Local Recovery funds to the PEOPLE of the CNMI, not the Governor or a Taskforce. The Bill actually needs to be rewritten because this is a job for the Legislature, who Represent All the People by Districts, to apply the “appropriate budgeting measures” just like they do our Annual Budget, especially when we only have two years to use these funds or loose them.  We the People already KNOW from the ARRA Funds that took YEARS for the then-Covenant administration to spend using their scheme to siphon (drain-off) money for themselves and it will surely happen again if the Governor gets his hands on all that money. WE the People only have Democrats, an Independent and one Republican fighting FOR the People to have some accountability on the use of OUR money. WE the People really need to complain as “ONE PEOPLE” to our elected officials, mainly the Republicans, and even protest if necessary, for accountability over OUR Half-Billion — it’s just that simple for REAL!  I can’t wait to say “I Told You So” as it will take a miracle for the Bill to become Law and the Republicans are not due for a miracle.

Luta & Tinian still waiting on Federal Funds

Luta and Tinian are classic examples of WHY We the People can’t afford for the Governor to be in absolute control of the half-billion in Recovery Funding.

I recently read an open letter from Luta complaining about FEMA Funds that should have come to the island as a result of Typhoon Mangkut that hit the island of Luta in 2018 and its now 2021 — WOW! This is just horrible and it proves the Governor can’t be trusted as Rota has been pretty much forgotten by our Governor when it comes to the use of Federal Funds. The sad part is it took an ordinary citizen like, Dexter Peter Apatang, who deserves KUDOS for shinning some light on this Republican FAILURE which begs me to ask what happened and WHY the Republicans from Rota “ran silent” on the issue. Just like they let the Governor get away with misusing OUR money they have been letting the Governor get away with forgetting about Rota’s relief funding that is now three years late and still pending — OMG!  HELLER VOTERS on Rota because things are not going to CHANGE for the BETTER until WE the People CHANGE for BETTER Leadership.

I think most of the People on Luta feel that they have literally been forgotten by our Government in many ways. Rota is really the “Gate-way to the CNMI” as it is the closest island to the Guam International Airport & Seaport, which means everything coming into the CNMI must first go right pass Rota. Yet, Luta has to depend on goods that travel past them to Saipan only to be shipped back to Rota, which is why no one should wonder why the prices are so high when they should actually be the lowest but Luta is treated more like the “back-door” than the “front-door.”  It’s is truly time for the situation on Rota to change for the better but that will require electing people who will do BETTER — Democrats deserve at least ONE Chance Luta if you want a better quality of life.

Tinian’s Delay to find Prosperity

Don Farrell was right about the delay of the Divert Airfield being the worst news for Tinian, especially when it could have all been avoided. But it’s just more proof that we can’t trust the Governor with ANYTHING especially OUR money as Mr. Farrell clearly told us, “the governor refused to implement the Tinian Civilian-Military Advisor Council, as provided for in the Technical Agreement to the Covenant.” The sad part is this wasn’t even about money but about simply doing his job and the Governor can’t even implement a simple Advisor Council much less spend OUR Money properly.  Now Tinian is limbo at a time when things need to be moving forward and even on the edge of an Economic Boom.  I Told readers earlier the Governor seems to be mostly concerned with HOW he can use and manipulate Federal money with Technical Assistance being at the bottom of his list. He won’t even ask for technical assistance to rebuild our economy so not helping Tinian and Rota that only have a hand-full of voters is not surprising to me.   

To be continued: One People One Direction. 

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III

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