THE Sun continues to rise on a New Day for the entire world with the vaccines coming on line yet there are People who would prefer to believe “supposition” (estranged beliefs & guess work) over the empirical science and facts. Supposition can never replace or be more justifiable and authentic than the actual facts but the problem WE the People are facing is that some People don’t want to believe or accept the facts, which means “WE have a real PROBLEM CNMI.”  So if WE the People truly want to reopen our Economy its truly time to drop the SUPPOSITION and become “One People in SOLIDARITY based on science and the facts,” or there may never be a real SOLUTION to fixing and reopening our economy to find some real PROSPERITY!

Given the recent online Poll in this newspaper the majority don’t think our Frontline workers should be forced to be vaccinated which is a good indicator that the CNMI does indeed have a problem. No one has died from community spread yet but like I previously said, some people just have to learn the hard way.  I’m just glad the Poll is not an “accurate or accredited Poll” due to the ability of one group to manipulate the Poll, and Republicans are KNOWN for MANIPULATING things for their personal intentions.  I’m sure if the total number of People who voted was revealed it would surely show that “one percent or much less” of the voting population participated making the sampling insufficiently inadequate to reflect what the majority truly wants.

One of the most famous objections by lawyers in the courtroom are objections over “supposition being presented that is NOT supported by the facts in evidence,” which is something even our the Mock Trial Students learn.  Supposition is what is now known as “fake-news” that was created by Trump to fool his own supporters and it worked because many of them believe the creditable mainstream media like CNN is fake news. WE actually have local politicians and voters who don’t think the Governor has done anything wrong, just to highlight the power of this phenomenon that is driven by baseless supposition like election fraud, the virus will just go away, I have a right not to wear a mask so it is easier for me to spread my virus infection and just a host of other ridiculous supposition.  I truly feel sorry for these lost souls caught in the LOYALTY trap of Republicans on the mainland and in the CNMI.

Heck, it is so amazing to see online commenters like Johnny B. Good who want to challenge the science, the facts, the RIGHTS of People to NOT get infected, and even the textbooks in our schools — WOW!  Who and What made this guy “all powerful and all knowing” about anything if he even has a degree in anything? But this is America where one has the RIGHT to freely speak Suppositions and outright LIES!  But there are People like myself and others who exercise their RIGHT to “object” to this foolishness supposition just like in the courtroom — thank God. 

FYI Johnny B. Good and John Ulrich, the Scientist have told us that “MITIGATING Efforts is the BEST way to end the pandemic.” Now if you guys have a better way, I am all ears. Mitigating means “to make LESS” the chance of the virus spreading as NO single thing can completely stop the spread of the virus.  You guys need to STOP twisting the true reality about wearing masks and this entire pandemic because YOU are part of the problem with NO solutions to offer!  WE can either mitigate or just let the virus do its thing but I’m sure People with common sense want to mitigate the virus as much as possible unlike you two who only offer suppositions but don’t have a single real SOLUTION to offer for ending the virus — for REAL!

We actually teach students in ALL schools throughout America to “listen to the science” and we even encourage students to be “informed” and to even become SCIENTISTS, not online commenters and people who depend upon and use suppositions in real life.  If WE the People listen to online commenters like Johnny B. Good and John Ulrich who think “masks don’t help prevent the spread of the virus,” WE will end up back in the dark-ages when science is literally frowned upon as being “lies and propaganda spread by big Pharma and fear stream media.”  We are in big trouble if we can’t trust the science that has brought the human race from archaic life styles in caves with no power, no antibiotics, no computers and a host of other technological improvements that include medical breakthroughs that were all driven by SCIENCE!  If we can’t trust our American Scientists then who can we trust to end this pandemic and FYI, there is a real pandemic going on for those who believe it is fake news too. I think WE the People should be following the science and not the supposition of unqualified online commenters who use the non-creditable Social Media & FOX News for their references.

As for the firefighters being part of the problem, anyone who does not get vaccinated poses a challenge of getting sick, passing the virus to others and even dying, so they are part of the problem. Too many lawyers think “if it is legal, it is OK” but just because you have a RIGHT, it doesn’t mean that it is best, fair or even right to exercise that right — a lack of morals and wisdom. FYI Johnny B. Good and John Ulrich, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” as we must RESPECT the virus for what it can do and not be AFRAID to do our part like taking a simple shot that famous and high-profile People have taken and even the President has taken just to show people like you two that it is safe. But I must also thank tarklejr for expressing his thanks for me speaking out about the virus and the need for ALL People to do OUR part because if he gives me a compliment, I KNOW the article was figuratively an “undisputable knock-out of facts & truth.” 

But supposition is one thing and foolishness is a totally different horse figuratively like the firemen paying a lawyer to take a chance on dying, the P4 commenter who thinks “political parties are not the solution” when WE the People have NO other option for representation and Governing, and roberthuntercnmi who seems to think the AG, OPA and DOF are part of our Legislature and can make laws foolishness.  Also, FYI P4, no one has ever accused me with any proof that I was lying and most informed readers know that my articles are based on “publicly known facts,” not suppositions so if you are not up-to-date don’t expect me to do YOUR homework. I’m a retired teacher who gives homework so do YOURS and stop the foolishness. 

To be continued: One People One Direction.

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III. 

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