IT’S Just OUT in the news as the Sun continues to rise on the new House of Representatives as they are trying to address old and new issues facing the People and our Commonwealth based on the “facts & truths” that have transpired. However, as they try to “defend & protect” the People’s money it needs to be noted that the Democrats are facing the CNMI’s own version of “Jim Crow” Republicans. I’m sure most people with common sense KNOW better than to trust anyone with over a half-billion dollars who is under a Federal RICO investigation as an alleged ring-leader accused of stealing from the People. Who in their right mind would do such a foolish thing?  But WE the People still have “Jim Crow” style Republicans in control of the Senate and the Executive Branches. If history has taught us anything, you can bet the Governor’s plan is not so much to help People but to MANIPULATE that half-billion to help Republicans BUY the next election.

FYI readers, “Jim Crow” was the Era after slavery in America when white people created “Black Codes (racist laws)” to suppress the rights of Blacks without any regards for what was RIGHT & FAIR.  Well, our Republicans have been practicing their own style of “Jim Crow” without any regards for voters and what’s right & fair and it’s still on-going. The Casino Bill being the most prolific example of Jim Crow that disregarded the desire of the People that was expressed twice in a “NO Vote.” Then they violated an ancient burial ground and gave then Best Sunshine the “Keys-to-the-CNMI” with no taxes and the right to keep OUR Community Chest Funds without any regards FOR the People. The Governor is accused of blatantly violating laws governing the use of OUR money with his purchases for his personal intentions yet our Jim Crow Republicans protected him and still are protecting him. LOYALTY to Republicans is also a Jim Crow mentality of “loyalty to white-folks” that was exposed by the DPS Commissioner. Republicans are the reason it is common knowledge in the CNMI that “you must be LOYAL to the Republicans if you want a Government job” — for TRUE!

More recently, Mayor Apatang literally “forced an address system down our throats” in opposition to public protesting as he refused all my attempts to even have a public hearing on justifying the expenditure of OUR money. Jim Crow didn’t want an outsider credited for a solution. He knew that he can’t really justify a new address system when we already have one with lot numbers that is IN USE, duh!  While the Address System was only a few hundred thousand dollars, it was a system WE the People didn’t need to pay for but it was FORCED down our throats.  The mayor apparently chose to duplicate and create a redundant address system that we didn’t need just so he could say “HE did it.” FYI readers, Mayor Apatang got his way with funding and a lot of things due to his “Republican Loyalty and his political-power in voters” to sway the Saipan vote. I also just learned what I believe is more compelling as I was informed by a reliable source in our Political Arena that the mayor is being considered as “next-in-line to run for Governor under the Republican Banner” so anything HE wanted was fully supported by the Republicans, even the un-necessary address system.

I will be the first to say the Mayor has been successful in getting equipment unlike previous mayors who had to beg and even fight for funding and help from the Legislature which I’m sure the older voters can remember. Yes, he did a great job in maintaining the easements, planting flowers & trees and helping families clear areas for parking after a death in the family.  But WE the People should NEVER trust him to be Governor given the way he FORCED an unnecessary address system on the CNMI Jim Crow style. I know based on the facts of my own encounters that the last thing this group of Jim Crow Republicans want to see happen is for an “outsider” like myself getting credit for making real contributions to the CNMI — modern Jim Crow for REAL!  Just to remind readers, it was a Board of Education Member who first revealed this Jim Crow phenomenon in the 1990s when she said: “Ambrose can’t write a Social Studies Textbook, HE is NOT (White) Local” and I can assure readers this ugly Jim Crow phenomenon is still alive and well among Republicans and even some of their supporters. Incidentally, my textbook was a big success with “great reviews” but guess what, PSS has continued to refuse re-publishing the ONLY Elementary Textbook based on the Marianas — a Jim Crow continuum. I realized a long time ago that if “I didn’t publicly fight Jim Crow” more than likely no-one would!

But as in any political arena there will always be opposing arguments and even WALLS of defense & protection and in the CNMI’s case it is the Republicans this time around building walls to defend & protect the Governor. The jury is not “just-in but indeed still out” but even though I believe the Governor is guilty of many offenses while we are told in so many words “the sky is not falling” when the CNMI faces the BIGGEST Economic Challenge since the conception of the CNMI. The sky isn’t falling but our economy is surely “in ICU on a Federal Ventilator” and that’s REAL! Speaking facts & truth is not creating “drama and inciting stress” about the CNMI’s predicament as Hans Rosling, MD may suggest in his book. Everyone who is informed and have common sense is truly worried about the TRUE reality of an allegedly “corrupt Governor and the sky (our economy) might just fall” given most of our economic eggs are in China’s basket with Chinese Investors but the CNMI is America — duh! The Chinese Government is also now AGAINST “off-shore gambling” so we may not even get Chinese Tourists and China is figuratively not our friend but more like our ENEMY on paper when it comes to our Diplomatic Relationship! America is only dealing with China for “economic purposes and in the interest of world peace.”  Our Republicans have clearly gotten the CNMI into a real mess that they can’t clean up, for TRUE!

I disagree that the Democrats not trusting the Governor is just a “political opinion” because WE the People have seen the PROOF not to trust the Governor.  Democrats have a RIGHT and even a fiduciary DUTY to NOT TRUST the Governor based on the facts & truth about his “publicly exposed inappropriate use of OUR money and other crimes.”  The Democrats had a “MANDATE BY the People to NOT trust the Governor and to STOP the corruption,” which is WHY so many Democrats were elected — they didn’t need a Public Hearing as they already heard enough from their voters during the election. We all know that restrictions and controls do come with Federal Funds but if the Governor can abuse and manipulate the very laws he is supposed to uphold and the misuse of OUR money in our FACES, WHO & WHAT is going to stop him from abusing and manipulating over a half-billion dollars — HELLER! The Democrats are NOT foolish and neither are the thousands of People who voted for the Democrats. So let them do their JOB and stop the foolishness about them only making speeches!

Pressing the Democrats to come up with a solution and verdict on the Governor’s crimes is not fair at all when We the People KNOW the previous Legislature PROTECTED the Governor from being prosecuted, which is why their cries and speeches were not heard or acted upon. We also know the FBI was allegedly “stalled by the Trump Administration from going forward with their RICO Investigation.”  So don’t speak tooooo fast about the Governor not being prosecuted because the Public Auditor is also now looking at how the Governor misused OUR money and I’m sure the Feds are back at work as they just raided the Accounting Office that keeps the GOP Financial Records — possibly the RICO money laundering or money from a foreign government, but its real.

The Republicans on the mainland inspired this Report with their recent Jim Crow Legislation in Georgia to stop Blacks from voting as History does repeat itself.  We just have to recognize the changes in names & locations, players and circumstance that all led to the same phenomena of racism & supremacy only in the CNMI’s case of Jim Crow relived is “Republican Supremacy Controlling everything (the Legislature, the People and OUR money) — for TRUE! The Republicans ONLY way now to control that half-billion is to let the Governor get his hands on it. So voters need to take note of the facts and truth as “We the People have a Governor who is still under a Federal RICO Investigation  combined with the fact and truth that the Governor allegedly misused OUR money.” The Jim Crow tactics of our GOP was “the way it was for 20 years.” but the sun continues to rise on a NEW DAY and the “way it will be for real accountability over OUR money.” If one wants to tout anything that reflects “trust the Governor & Republicans” while opposing the obviously needed accountability with OUR half-billion dollars would appear to be unwittingly FOR the Governor and not FOR the People.

To be continued: One People One Direction.

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III. 

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