ARE the Republicans under some kind of “Voodoo Spell” or what as they seem to only be able to think of Gambling for the CNMI. The recent assertion by Rep. Leepan T. Guerrero to try and institute “internet gaming” FOR IPI even though this matter is still under investigation as it seems he was trying to split-a-hair with e-gaming. More importantly, why is Rep. Guerrero fighting for these investors WE the People don’t know a single thing about, just like Republicans signed a deal with Best Sunshine without any information being shared with the People. It used to be investors would come and do a presentation FOR the People on what they want to do but now they don’t have to when they have a Politician doing it for them.  I think most voters in the CNMI are sick-and-tired of gambling as WE the People have been led down this dead-end road for over two decades and now we are the END. Furthermore, they have lied and even cheated when it comes to gambling.

Rep. Guerrero speech about these unknown investors reminds me of the same old promising speeches given about the Casino that WE the People endured for years until they forced down our throats. Rep. Guerrero didn’t have a glass of water worth of proof to offer but WE the People are supposed to just take him at his word!  FYI Rep. Guerrero and ALL Republicans, I’m sure the majority of WE the People are FED-UP with you Gaslighting Gambling, especially about investors WE don’t know anything about! WE the People no-longer TRUST any of you Republicans with your grand ideas that are not based on “researched and proven facts” as WE are no longer going for your Voodoo Economics. And PLEASE stop trying to take Rep. Sablan and the rest of us for fools as she was soooo right about Rep. Guerrero’s request for a Bill not being appropriate.  Kudos Rep. Tina Sablan and keep up the “good fight and making good trouble” FOR the People with these Republicans who think WE are stupid or fools!


Kudos to Rep. Celina Babauta, as entirely toooo many of us have been waiting for over a year to hear that word “impeachment” of accountability being spoken on Capital Hill as that one word is the main reason Governor Torres allegedly committed ANOTHER CRIME with a “bribe” to get HIS Emissary (Angel Demapan) to be Speaker. Now that the Committee has PROOF the Governor allegedly broke the very Laws he swore to uphold and LIED to us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats that he was even going to explain or justify why he MISUSED OUR MONEY. I think most of us with common sense KNEW the Governor wasn’t going to explain anything and that he was just telling a Gaslighting LIE on the issue like he does with so many other things.

But the impeachment should not be limited to the misuse of OUR money but also about the alleged crimes he committed trying to take control of the Legislature. What the Governor did with Ambrosio and to the Democrat Party was really toooo darn far as he has proven that he will stoop so low as to charge us for Cheetos and he will be so bold as to try and manipulate several members of the Democrat Party and their family members just to get his way.  When his other critics said that Governor Torres was behaving like a “Mafia Godfather” everyone with common sense should have known then that WE the People have an alleged criminal for a Governor.  But he continues to manipulate things for his/Party intentions like he just did with the 500 million. It was enough money for ALL stakeholders but he didn’t want the Democrats in the House to do their job and create an appropriate budget because he is so greedy but WE all know “GREED” is a deadly sin that will eventually bring down the greedy-ones, as TIME is on OUR side voters and it will catch-up to him for TRUE!

The Governor has actually EARNED his Impeachment in “LIVE and LIVING Color” right in front of our faces as everything has already been exposed to the People, which is why his case is so pathetic.  He allegedly did his crimes without even trying to cover them up thinking he could Gaslight everything so bright that WE couldn’t really see what was REALLY happening. Well, Governor Torres, your “gig-is-up” and good riddance as you have done everything from misusing OUR Credit Card, to fraudulently purchasing First-class tickets, to trying to rig the House of Representatives, to declaring an un-necessary emergency with a Directive so he could manipulate the 500 million and keep the Democrats in the House from creating a budget for the 500 million.  I could go on but it should be clear the Governor should be impeached as Governors on the mainland and even Trump was Impeached for far Less and this guy has a list of alleged crimes that need prosecuting.

The question is “will the Republicans PROTECT & SERVE the Governor or the People” as the Republican controlled Senate must do its part to get rid of the Governor or WE the People will see history repeat itself like the Senate protected & served Trump. Rep. Celina Babauta & Democrats should go forward with the impeachment regardless and put the earnest of accountability-to-the-People on the Senate to do the right thing or get voted out in 2022. 

To be continued:  One People One Direction.

The writer is an Economist, a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III. 

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