BEING a Political Scientist, it was obvious to me that some real education was needed to address elkapitan’s comments that were as long as my last Sunrise Report on “eating pudding or slop.”  First and foremost, readers need to know that Politics is the ultimate “TEAM SPORT” driven by the majority, not an individual “free-for-all” as to assert that “it is NOT the political party in the CNMI that will actually change things, as majority of local voter along with the candidates have no idea of what each party stands for unlike in the U.S.” is hog-wash.  This assertion shows there is a complete lack of understanding of American Politics. Yes, votes should elect their Representatives, Senators and Governor based on their merits but more importantly voters need to focus on the “TEAM” that person is figuratively playing FOR the People. There is no doubt the Republican Team has messed up big time and need to be replaced but MORE importantly the Democrat Team hasn’t been given a real chance to even score FOR the People in over TWENTY YEARS, which is the real problem with CNMI Politics.  Voters are really supposed to get-rid of the Team that messes up but the CNMI voters continue to vote for the same losing team of criminals. Almost the entire Republican Teams needs to be taught a LESSON and sent HOME just like we suspend our youth from school. If the Democrats mess up THEN voters should elect some Republicans, which is how voters should pick their team & players from a political science perspective.

The commenter also didn’t seem to understand the “Majority Rule Principle” which is something that Junior High Schoolers learn and for an adult to assert that we should elect people solely on their merits and not their association to a team is absolutely ridiculous because no single individual will EVER be a majority with any real the POWER to do anything. Electing a bunch of people who are not on a team or caucusing with a team is a bunch of hog-wash or like President Biden may say “it’s a bunch-of malarkey.”

The CNMI voters have been literally suckered into staying with the same Republican Party for the past two decades and really for most of the CNMI’s existence as a Commonwealth as there have only been TWO Democrat Governors vs SEVEN  Republicans. We the People can only blame the Republicans for our sad state of economic and social affairs.  The Economic Casino Hog-wash the Republicans have been selling has destroyed our Tourism Industry that THEY are trying to rebuild claiming S. Korea as our NEW primary market — just more hog-wash being gaslighted with Federal Funds. For me as a Political Scientist, it’s obvious the voters of the CNMI need to rethink their strategy for a better Team given the CNMI is virtually right back where it started in 1978 with the commitment to Tourism.  WE must now rebuild our entire Tourism Portfolio all because the Republicans chased away the Japanese FOR the Chinese just like I predicted and now look at the mess they have made. Gaslighting S. Korea as our primary Tourists market when it NEVER was and NEVER will be sufficient to provide the number of tourists for the CNMI to have a vibrant economy. The South Korea Gaslight show reminds me of the Gaslighting PROSPERITY LIE. The future of the CNMI will be in the hands of the TEAM with the majority come Decision Day 2022, so vote for the best TEAM if We the People are to truly have any chance of finding real prosperity.

The Governor and his co-conspirators —  exposed

The only thing that allows “evil and corruption to survive is for the good men and women to do NOTHING and that is what has been happening with the Governor continuing to break the law. Even Vice Speaker Attao has seen enough and wants to keep his seat in the next election by breaking ranks with the “LOYALTY to Republicans” BS and voting to skip the niceties and issue the subpoenas. I was wondering which Republican would have the fortitude and moral fiber to do the right thing with the realization the Governor IS NOT above the Law.  

Thank God WE the People now we have the testimony of Ms. Bernadita Palacios who was smart enough to not sign the illegal first-class travel authorizations after being told it was illegal by the Public Auditor. But more importantly is the FACT that the Public Auditor had a “fiduciary responsibility to STOP the illegal travel and even prosecute the Governor” but did NOTHING, just warned Ms. Palacios. But it gets WORSE because the AG had to know and should have known the Governor was breaking the Law and he has STILL failed to file a case. For me and many voters, the AG needs to be IMPEACHED along with the Governor for his failure to live up to his fiduciary duties in prosecuting the Governor. The AG turning a “blind-eye” to the alleged crimes of the Governor really makes him a “co-conspirator after the crime” because he figuratively helped to cover-up the alleged crime by not prosecuting. I’m hoping and praying HARD the Feds are reading this and will give us some JUSTICE with our own AG — someone had to say it and “if not me then who and if not now then when,” Dr. Martin Luther King

KUDOS and THANKS to Ms. Palacios for her truthfulness and being courageous enough to testify as the House of Representatives is starting to show the People the proof that our Governor, his Secretaries of Finance and even the previous Public Auditor along with the AG were ALL in on allowing the illegal purchase of first-class tickets to continue. The fact that the Governor got away with illegally purchasing first-class tickets for the past five years amounting to more than half-a-million dollars PROVES that WE the People have a REAL Godfather over a Criminal Organization (Cabinet Secretaries, previous PA, the AG and the Dirty 30). The testimony given to the Legislature by Ms. Palacios is PROOF that the Governor, the Secretary of Finance, the Public Auditor and the AG ALL KNEW it was illegal for the Governor to purchase the first-class tickets but no one lifted a finger to stop him nor report it to the People.

But thankfully, at least ONE Republican who is no longer going to protect the Governor and has seen ENOUGH of the Governor breaking OUR Laws — thanks Vice Speaker Attoa you may have just saved your seat in the next election. Just like we are seeing Republicans breaking ranks and parting with Trump it is time we started seeing more Republicans doing the same with Torres because he is definitely going down, it’s just a matter of who gets him first and last between our Legislature and the Feds. The PROOF is in the Pudding and no one can deny the truth that is now coming out of the Legislature as it was virtually a “cover-up with contempt for OUR Laws” that was being orchestrated by the Governor and the Public Auditor nor the AG did anything to stop him from continuing to break OUR Laws. The Feds are indeed our ONLY hope to putting an immediate stop to the corruption that continues in our government.

A Message to the Juneteenth Hater commenter (Tom Mitchell): FYI on complaining about Juneteenth, you chose to complain about African-Americans having only two holidays when ALL of the other holidays are for White Folks but you don’t see the disparity in that just like the disparity in America’s Justice System. Yes, there is Black on Black crime but there is also White on Black crime, Police on Black crimes and continued prejudice toward Blacks as most of the damage to Blacks is NOT done by Blacks but by Whites. It seems Tom wants to take us backwards when he needs to stop playing the “race-card” just because African-Americans and America took a step forward in “race-relations” with the final recognition of Juneteenth. It’s obvious WE the People have some of those “you-know-what” Republicans here just like they are all over the mainland with their racism & love for Trump who is also going to jail.  Maybe Trump and Torres can share a cell since they will more than likely be at the same Prison or should I say “Club-Fed” for white collar criminals. 

To be continued: One People One Direction. 

The writer is an Economist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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