THE new administration of President Joe Biden must enforce transparency, oversight and accountability worldwide.

The conflict of interests among Democrats and Republicans must be toned down. What’s the point of all these conflicts of interest and corruption all over the world today? We cannot keep abusing families because governments are supposed to be responsible to the people they serve every day.

In my seven years of investigating federal mental health grants, I’ve realized that a lot of organizations and corporations that do business with our state and county governments must be held accountable for their criminal behavior regarding mental health grants that have been stolen from mental health clients.

It's one thing to say “we’re doing our best to help the homeless and those with mental health issues,” but it’s all a lie as corporations and organizations are getting away with their crimes because they are connected to our government and they can pretty much act like a government against their clients, and if the government doesn’t crack down on all these opioid drug pushers then more families will become the real victims like my wife.

Can you imagine? A pastor abducted and kidnapped the wife of a U.S. college journalist and for what? Opioid profits? They turn a blind eye to this critical urgent issue that creates crises and inflict an outrage on my family. It is the government that allows these organizations to abuse poor families for profits.

I had to stop college to take care of my wife. But a hedge-fund  opioid CEO pusher  came in and abducted my wife. Hello, my father was a traditional, native natural healer and medicine magic man. He would not tolerate these evil actions against humanity today. China and Russia and United States must clean up their corruption and human rights abuses.

It is wrong for the government to allow evil organizations and corporations to operate on their own because it’s corruption gone crazy.

There is no monitoring and oversight in place to protect our communities and families. You cannot just steal federal emergency mental health grants that belong to homeless mental health critical patients.

If the government doesn’t do its job more families will be victims.

Right now, human rights advocates are keeping a close eye on China and Russia as well as the United States which has been detaining migrant children.

China continues to threaten its neighbors and minorities while exterminating human lives. It is also responsible for the coronavirus which continues to kill people daily.

Russia is no exception. It has invaded Crimea and is not backing down. Even North Korea is sending a message to the U.S. that it is prepared for the Biden administration.

But let’s get back to my main topic: from California, Oregon to Washington state and all over the U.S., homelessness is only getting worse.

The organizations that are supposed to be tackling mental health and homelessness on the West Coast are pocketing billions of U.S. mental health  grants and they have nothing, no results, to show for it.

 God is angry and may soon remind us who is God.

Our main focus right now is to slow down this killer coronavirus because we have to save our civilization so world leaders must also stop all the atrocities and killings because this coronavirus has exposed our human stupidity and ruthlessness.

In the U.S. there have been 400,000 deaths already because of Covid-19.

 The bottom-line is we have to do what is required to protect our people. The government should not let organizations or corporations abuse our people. Corruption is out of control in America.

As for the state mental health departments, they must start doing their jobs properly for families especially the homeless.

America should not have an irresponsible, reckless government. And it’s part of my job to police the politicians and public officials including corrupt shady organizations or corporations.

The corruption we witness today is global like this deadly coronavirus. We all must do the right thing. I have been with the Oregon Health & Science University Hospital for 20 years as a role model patient and student so I know the inside-out of the massive corruption in  mental health departments today.

As for the CNMI, we better get our acts together. The government allowed my grandma’s land compensation to be stolen!  When I come home, I will file a $20 million lawsuit! This is not a joke. I will hold CNMI officials responsible and accountable for abuse and corruption.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.


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