I’M sure when I failed to finish the title of this op-ed that everyone of adult age knows the age-old wisdom of “united we stand and divided we fall.”  WE have our own divide as there were those in the CNMI complaining about Juneteenth being a Holiday, refusing to be vaccinated and even accusing me of injecting “Black Lives Matter” or BLM when I never mentioned BLM. Just like we see on the mainland with made-up complaints throwing stones at the TRUTH and FACTS of science while ignoring the CONSEQUENCES.

I love to use commenters for a “spring-board,” especially the “bullies, liars, racists, bigots and the likes of their kind” who provoked this op-ed, replying to comments to my latest opinion on our Nation being divided just like the CNMI is divided. WE have this “Johnny B Good” who seems to be a pure “Trumpian with ALL the Trimmings.” I wonder their race since he played the race-card on me and I truly pray he isn’t a Local who is caught-up.  WE have a Governor who allegedly BRIBES people to “divide Democrats” for “POWER & CONTROL” with his “CHEAP-self” of $500, when it comes to “GIVING-BACK” to the People. Anyone against WE the People being “United” has a real problem and may even need professional help so I will be nice and leave it at that.

But I do want to thank “MarineJay,” whoever he is, for the reminder that “Ambrose is a Living Legend” but it’s not “in my mind” but a matter of public record. The first Black elected to the Board of Education, Numerous State & National Accolades, author of the only Social Studies Textbook for Elementary Students, a Civil Rights record marching with Dr. King and a leading lobbyist for the MLK Holiday Day, the primary researcher and developer of the Cannabis & Hemp Industries Law for the Senate, a Humanities Lifetime Achievement recipient and the list goes on.  WHAT have you done MarineJay because I’m sure my legacy in the CNMI will be far more of a legend than yours, as “your legacy seems so short that you & your legacy can sit on a dime and still swing your legs,” LOL!  I don’t know when these You-Know-What will learn that every time they open their mouth they leave a BIG hole for me to shove the TRUTH down their throats! I just needed some laughs to keep from crying, as my MaDear might say.  I’m truly concerned about the CNMI being divided at a time when WE need to be UNITED in every way for Democrats & CHANGE!

But before ending, I always try to be constructive even when having fun with these two you-know-what.”  The recent article on Miki Watanabe, made me think, ONLY if we had a Governor who would listen, it would be great.  If our Governor would extend an invitation for the Prime Minister to visit the CNMI as part of our “official fully re-opening promotion” which would do wonders to bring back Japanese Tourism, especially now that the Chinese are pretty much gone.  Starting at the “top” to influence the return of the Japanese is probably “the BEST & SHORTEST Route” to success, as it is part of their culture to follow the example of their leaders.  The Governor can’t make deals with the Japanese Government but there is nothing wrong with extending an invitation to visit.  But this Governor won’t listen, especially when it’s Ambrose’s idea, and he will still continue down the South Korea Road that will help but it will never lead to enough tourists to run our economy. Check-me-out on the Marianas Agupa Show — stay tuned! To be continued: One people One Direction. 

 The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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