I’M sure most readers have been “disciplined” at one time in their life for something which should also be the standard practice for dealing with our elected leaders. I am now a permanent fixture on the “English Version” of the Marianas Agupa Show and I’m not there for Ambrose Bennett’s fame and notoriety but to point out the mistakes & possible improvements FOR the “taotao tanu.” A CNMI attorney once said, “Ambrose, you are our BEST un-elected leader and keep-it-up” as it is these kinds of support that keep me going to try and help, especially the poor who are the MAJORITY in the CNMI in case it is a forgotten FACT.

There are voters who “believe in giving the Governor a CHANCE” but I beg to ask “HOW MANY chances does one get before they need to be disciplined? Yes, we ALL make mistakes but I must ask again, HOW MANY mistakes does one get as our leader before they MUST be disciplined? It is not that I love the Democrat Party so much as it is clear the Republican Party needs to be “DISCIPLINED” by voters and not rewarded for the awful MESS they have gotten our economy in, excluding the pandemic. I have offered readers a plethora of mistakes made by Republicans over the past two decades but they keep getting rewarded by being re-elected. The same Republicans who “fooled us and destroyed our Japanese Tourism base with the Casino and PROTECTED the Governor” are still in office even Angel Demapan, whom they obviously want to be Governor one day.

As I said on the Marianas Agupa Show, “one definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing (re-elect these same Republicans) and expecting a different & better result” which will NEVER happen. There is also the wisdom of “power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts” that is sooooo TRUE and like some voters previously said, “Ralph was tooooo young to be a governor” and now it’s clear all that POWER has consumed his young mind. Republicans have been successful in controlling “all the Boards & all the Commissions” along with “all the Government Agencies” which adds up to “SUPREME POWER” in the CNMI for ONE MAN who has obviously chosen to abuse and misuse this absolute power! It was pure GREED & the POWER to TAKE the Federal funds refusing to allow the Democrat controlled house to even touch the money and apply some “checks & balances with accountability” to this money. Now the Governor has “REPROGRAMING” ability with all that money which means he can do whatever he wants with OUR money without any checks & balances and even no consequences.

The entire Republican Party has been making mistakes for over two decades. Yes, the Lt. Gov. did tell the truth but he needs “disciplining” too because he purposely turned a “blind-eye” even admitting he KNEW what the Governor was doing was WRONG and did NOTHING! So don’t let this split between the Governor and Lt. confuse you into support Arnold because he will still be a Republican if re-elected invoking the SAME “Republican Loyalty” instead of working to help ALL the People, especially the poor majority which is WHY Kilili remains so popular for “HELPING our youth & the poor.”

The Democrats are the “Poor-man’s Party” which is why I can’t understand how these Republicans even stayed in power. Labeling them as “Socialist Democrats” is actually a “complement” but Republicans want you to think they are adopting “Socialism like Russia,” which couldn’t be further from the Truth than the Andromeda Galaxy , that’s 2.5 million light-years from earth. DICIPLINE these Republicans for ALL of their mistakes by voting them out and set new expectations for “Better and more Responsible Governing in the CNMI Agupa (tomorrow).” To be continued: One people One Direction.

 The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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