A LARGE number of voters are waiting and wondering WHEN will our leaders LISTEN and even give Ambrose a real chance given my “I TOLD THEM SO” revelations! Well, I’m here to tell them it’s not so much that I offered bad or ridiculous ideas as it is the FACT that I’m not a Local, which screams of racism with the rejection of diversity.  I will be the first to say that all of my ideas and suggestion may not have been “ideal or even possible.”  But I know for a fact that my ideas and suggestions are “as good as some of the Governor’s and better than MOST of his ideas.” The Governor even ASKED the People FOR ideas which speaks volumes to this administration’s impotency for economic development. Wisdom even dictates that “two or more heads is better than one” but our Governor believes in “loyalty first,” before listening to one’s idea-sad.  

I was one of the most outspoken in opposition to the Casino and now look, and it’s even WORSE than I predicted due to the pandemic and now the Chinese Government won’t even let their people come here to gamble.   I was actually educated to “to work in a Think-Thank and look over the horizon to tell what is coming Economically” but I’m an “outsider who speaks up” which is a big no-no for Republicans. However, times are changing and hopefully Democrats can lead with the ideas based on their merit not their loyalty. 

I can remember warning the Government FIVE years in advance that the Garment Industry would leave on December 31, of 2005 and sure enough they did like a “thief-in-the-night” but no one listened. I warned the Government to close the deal for the Ferry at Sugar Dock that even allowed for cars and they didn’t listen — look at what’s left of the dock. But these Republicans will USE people like they did with me in dealing with Legalization. First, the Senate hired me to go to Colorado and do research to help them draft the Marianas Bill.  Then the Governor hired me to help the House of Representatives with the Bill didn’t listen either. I even developed a small note-book on the Bill that the Governor never even saw because he was just USING me, as I was really the “Poster-child” for the Legalization efforts. If not for me, there would be no Hemp Industry which actually has MORE potential than Cannabis to generate Government revenues. But one can see they haven’t lifted a finger to even start the Hemp Industry that will “create good manufacturing jobs while exporting with Made in the USA tags or labels,” which is what made the Garment Industry so successful in exporting to the U.S. — didn’t really listen to Ambrose whom they ASKED to help them, so sad.

Some think I’m just for the Democrats but FYI, I’m FOR the People and I even tried to help some Republicans get elected in the past, as they wanted to use my economic knowledge but NONE of them were ever elected to office which is another reason I was “Black-Balled” by the Republicans in power. But regardless of WHO is in power they need to select their people and ideas based on their MERITS and not their LOYALTY — just look at the Loyalty-MESS at DPS. If you are doing the RIGHT THINGS based on their “merits” you don’t have to worry about loyalty or dissenters — a lesson that I pray the next administration will LISTEN to and apply because it’s not about Ambrose but what’s BEST for our CNMI.  To be continued: One people One Direction. 

 The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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