AS usual the Governor is up to his malarkey of “deflecting and gaslighting” events and circumstances FOR his personal intentions of “not being responsible and accountable to the People.” Every time he opens his mouth you can depend on something coming out to HIS benefits, which is why he makes sure he goes to EVERY “photo op” except for when it was time for him to present HIS “Humanities Governor’s Award” to ME — not ashamed! But I found it absolutely amazing to see the Governor deflecting HIS responsibility to FIND NEW Sources of Income on Sen. Paul Manglona. It is the Governor’s JOB to find sources of income and he is now “deflecting and gaslighting” to make it seem like the Senator should do his job for him.

The Governor is deflecting and gaslighting about finding new sources of income when he hasn’t tried to collect a single PENNY of the money owed by IPI. The Retirement Fund only needs 14.4 million for the Governments’ 25% which doesn’t include the “Cost-of-living-increase” known as the “bonus.” Well, I know for a fact that IPI owes the CNMI tens-of-millions in Community Chest and taxes, lease and license fees so WHEN is the Governor going to try and collect. The Governor isn’t even trying to find new sources ignoring what IPI owe and won’t even issue a simple and cheap RFP in Japan for Investors to Lease the Mariana Resort and La Fiesta, which would be a new funding sources. It should be clear to readers the Governor is doing more deflecting and gaslighting with his malarkey than he is working FOR the People.

WE the People should really be concerned about what Senator Manglona said which was the governor removed "critical budgetary and accountability provisions" in government employees' pay; the budget reduction and reprogramming authority; government utilities expenditure; restrictions of payments for the utilities of elected officials; the limitations of the governor’s use of an emergency order or executive order to reprogram appropriated funds; the maximum number of positions established for each of the government's business units; the $50,000 appropriation for a market feasibility study of the casino gaming industry in the CNMI; and the provisions pertaining to the American Rescue Plan Act that require a joint resolution before the governor can make changes to the ARPA allocations. The Governor ERASED all forms of “prudent transparent and accountable governing” in our face with no backlash because there is nothing we can do — TOTAL disrespect for the People and their Representatives in the House. 

The Governor is a MASTER at “changing the narrative in the news” and I even warned readers the Governor was going to manipulate any and everything he could for HIS personal intentions and his “line-item veto” contempt for the Legislature is just more PROOF of his desire to avoid accountability. The Governor virtually vetoed everything that gave the Legislature “POWER” to hold him accountable for the spending of the budget, even the reprograming ability which means “it’s the Governor’s Budget Now, not the People’s just like he did with ARPA money that is HIS & HIS Secretaries — it is so sad! Just think, WHAT has this Governor done to “DIRECTLY help you” other than the 500 dollars of the Fed’s money he gave us. I hope your blank answer will dictate you leave a blank for him and Republicans on the ballot come 2022. All WE the People are getting from the Governor is “deflecting and gaslighting” but KUDOS to Senator Manglona. Keep up the great job of holding the Governor accountable until we can get you some more help with Democrat Senators come 2022.  To be continued: One people One Direction. 

 The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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